Shipping to Hong Kong and customs question

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  1. #1 Jan 22, 2009
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    I am selling a Prada bag on ebay and was contacted by a buyer asking if I would send it to Hong Kong. I asked them for their postal code but I have never shipped ebay items internationally before so does anyone know where to go to find out information about customs?

    Also, does this sound a little funny to anyone?

    The link is XXXXXX

  2. hongkong has no sales tax so your buyer won't have to pay customs fees/import tax.
  3. You need to make sure they will pay for customs on top of the shipping, and that they know that you will put the amount they pay on the customs form (not a reduced amount so they don't get charged customs) so that you can insure that amount.

    You shouldn't worry about customs, because it's the buyers responsibility as long as they accept they pay on top of the price they pay you.

    Does what sound funny? I don't understand!
  4. It's be ncie to live in HK then!!!:heart::tup:
  5. Just go to to calculate the international postage. I just shipped something to Hong Kong yesterday, and for a 5 lb box, it was $55.25. You need to fill out the customs form, but it's pretty easy.
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  7. Oops, so sorry about the link! Good to know others have shipped to HK without any issues. Thanks so much for the info on customs!
  8. By funny, I meant legitimate which it sounds like this seller is. Thanks!
  9. Be sure to send USPS Express Mail. That way it's trackable because they have to get a signature on delivery. The post office told me if you send Priority Mail that it's only tracked to the border. Good luck.
  10. That depends on the country (don't know if you meant to Hong Kong specifically). Paypal says that priority is okay as long as it provides delivery confirmation, which it does internationally to many countries. Express mail is the USPS service that has tracking, but it isn't necessary according to paypal's standards (just perhaps for your sanity).
  11. AH So you can post your link if auction is closed, but not if auction is still current......l have wondered, as l see members post auction links, and wonder why some are removed and others not...makes sense now :P
  12. I think some countries don't have any postal code, UAE is one of them. From what I learn that HK not have any sales tax, so for buyers who lives in HK, that would be wonderful.