Shipping to Germany

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  1. Well I have an international buyer, and although I explicitly state "ONLY US" in my auctions, you always get some, so I lifted the ban and made it clear I would only ship to paypal confirmed now the buyer has paid, but the address is unconfirmed, when I asked the buyer, they responded that "they contacted paypal, and paypal does not confirm addresses for NON-US buyers", is this true?, what should I do, I can't afford to lose my items
  2. Only US, Canada, and UK addresses can be confirmed. Other countries have different banking systems it would be impossible to make everything uniform. Paypal protection requires shipping to confirmed addresses only. It is totally up to you if you want to transact. Some people do, some don't. I do and never ever had a problem with Germany.
  3. Alright, I will go ahead and take a chance, thank you...this is EXACTLY why I don't like overseas ebuyers.
  4. There have been similar threads about Germany. I have had the same experience as you...and it went really wrong!!
    No seller protection, is no seller protection!! Loads of people may not have had any problems, but you might.

    Just be careful!!
  5. Well the items are used, and really no value to me, so I'll take my chances, but thanks for the warning, this whole forum has me scared to mail any of my items today,..especially the high-end stuff