Shipping to Germany

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  1. I recently sold a bag and shipped it insured (for the amount paid) to Germany. The buyer just emailed me complaining that she has to pay duty. She is mad and is now going to refuse the bag and probably leave me neg. feedback. Has anyone else run into this?
  2. I've never heard this complaint, but she had to know that she was responsible for paying customs on the item. It's common knowledge.

    Sorry you're having to deal with this -- if she refuses the bag, I guess you'll just have to wait until it gets returned to you. Don't refund her money until you have the item back in your hands.
  3. :tdown:
    You (as the seller) are not responsible for inner country customs fee!!!
    If she's purchasing an item from US she has to become clear about the fact that she is full responsible for taxes. That's very simple.
    If I am right she has to pay between 15-20% of the declared value - which shouldn't be very much at the moment (the EUR is at all time high at 1,45, please convert the amount yourself).
    Ok, it's not so wonderful to pay taxes - who like to pay taxes? Hands up!! :sweatdrop:

    To prevent from negative feedback: You can offer to pay her a little part for her expenses or to share the amount - but that's a good-will-thing - and I wouldn't recommend since it's not your fault at all.:nogood:

  4. PS: For example: If the bag was $ 499 then it's a converted amount of EUR 342 -> 20% taxes (maybe, not sure) = EUR 68.
  5. thanks for the quick response. I would offer to help her out but I made zero profit on this bag.
  6. Tell her frankly. Ok, she is upset. But it isn't your fault. Explain why you have insured for full amount (in regard of loss or damages) and btw that it's against the law to alter declarations.

    If she will refuse the bag don't send the refund until you have received the bag back in your hands.
  7. You have absolutely no not issue refund and if she negs you for something you have no control over file instantly with paypal and ebay. I have never had a problem shipping to Germany. As a matter of fact, items have always been delivered there quickly without problems (so far). I ship Global Priority.
  8. kalodie1 not sure what you mean by filing with ebay and paypal. I'm the seller and as far as I can tell I did everything according to the law. I have shipped to Germany before also and have never had a problem so this is all new.
  9. You can ask them to remove the negative feedback. If the bag comes back refund less shipping. If she tries to go through Paypal to get the rest back she won't win.
  10. Babyjlo have you ever had them actually remove a neg for this reason. Seems like everytime you ask them to do something the answer back with some double talk.
  11. No I've never received negative feedback but I have read many cases on here of people having it removed once they explained the situation and provided sufficient proof that it was unfair. I'm pretty sure that a neg left because a buyer didn't want to pay duty isn't going to stand because there's no way that is the sellers fault.