Shipping to France?

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  1. An ebayer just asked if I would ship the Chanel I had listed to France and I don't know what to do. I always ship my bags through the scheduled UPS pickup at my mom's office- I get the corporate discount and free use of their packing supplies :lol: Problem is, I don't know if I can even ship internationally that way, with all the cutoms paperwork and whatnot. I'd be willing to go to the UPS store to ship it, but I checked rates online and the cheapest method they had was Expedited 5-day for $117 from CA to France for a 5lbs package :wtf: Can that be right? Sure I overestimated the weight by a pound or two but I had a friend ship something much heavier to Belgium for me via USPS and it was only $28!

    Help! I don't know what to do :shrugs: If I were a buyer and the seller came back at me with a three-figure shipping estimate I'd be running for the hills!
  2. That would be correct, UPS is very expensive for international. Why not use USPS for this? You can use a fully trackable service
  3. If I had to choose, I'd go with EMS(express mail service)that's fully trackable through USPS. Make sure that her paypal addy is confirmed and if you have a lock with combination or security tag, attach it to the bag so that if she decides to return, you don't get a fake back.Also inform the buyer, if the tag or lock is removed, you will not be accepting it back. Take plenty of pics(for your secuity). Good luck!
  4. Try USPS Global Express Mail :smile:

    My USA sellers always use it. It has tracking number and insurance. Normally, takes 3-5 business days.
  5. Most couriers other than USPS is 3 digit figure :sad:
    Be careful with USPS, some countries they only allow up to certain amount insured packages. If you check the USPS site, the site says only up to $650 amount insured to France. You may want to verify with your local post office if this is the case. So if your bag is worth more than that amount, I do not recommend using USPS.
  6. Well it's not so much that I can't use USPS but rather I don't want to because my post office is a mess to get to and always busy, whereas UPS is convenient :lol: I guess I could though- the French buyer probably won't win anyway.
  7. Ship by EMS (USPS) it's the best option.
    UPS has a budget service cost slightly more than EMS but I'm sure it's not as high as $117. You will need to use your mom's office account to qualify for this service I forgot what it's called, but only available to business customers.
  8. USPS Express Mail. Do insure bag for full value. You get a tracking number with Express Mail. Takes 4-5 days and is the least expensive and most reliable shipping in my opinion.
  9. ***Update***

    The Frenchman did indeed bid but retracted on the last day because I apparently altered the description :rolleyes: