Shipping to Doha Qatar

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  1. Hello everyone, i have an offer from a buyer who is in Doha Qatar, i have never shipped anything to that area before and curious if anyone had any experiences.
    Thank you in advance for any advice
    Its so pricey to ship things from Canada internationally, so i want to make sure i am covered and safe
  2. I think you should ship it with tracking number, signature needed.

    and the insurance would be an option for the buyer.
  3. ^ Uh, no. Insurance is not for the buyer - it's to protect the seller. OP, I'd incorporate insurance into your shipping charges and let them know that it's mandatory, especially if your item is of high value.

    Shipping oversea from Canada with tracking and insurance is very expensive... it's crazy!
  4. OMG i went to the post office today and they told me it would be $250 !!! its insane and there is insurance but NO tracking! i would rather sell to someone else, i dont want to deal with such amounts, the bag is already expensive
    i understand now why a lot of sellers sell to USA much cheaper to ship!
  5. Ok. This thread just made me feel stupid as I have never even heard of Doha Qatar. I need to get out more.

    OP, find a different buyer. With no tracking and a high shipping price..... Yeah, no.
  6. fyi-i did a trade and i am in canada and sent the bag to doha qatar- tracked- no insuracne. value was 1500.00 and everything went fine. she got the bag and i got mine.
  7. suzie was it a big bag? how much did you end up paying for shipping? i have a big bag and its heavy, thats the biggest problem and its worth $2000

    jenaywins - i have never been there and only figured it was somewhere near Dubai:smile: but yes i am considering this unfortunately
  8. Qatar is a very tiny, VERY rich country on the Persian Gulf, just next door to Saudi Arabia. It is absolutely gorgeous! I got to study there for a year, and would LOVE to go back!

    And for a bit of trivia, the name of the country is pronounced "gutter" or "cutter." :biggrin:
  9. Haha same :blush::P
  10. I would probably use UPS or a similar courier service to that area just to be safest. It might cost more, but you don't have to worry as much.
  11. same here! :nuts: