Shipping to different address?

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  1. I am trying to sell a LV bag on and the buyer is from Korea and wants me to ship to a US address. I told the buyer I could only ship to paypal verified address only. My question is why do buyers like to ship to different addresses? What are the risks of shipping to a different address? Please help.
  2. I wouldn't do it.
  3. Your buyer might use a forwarding service so she can buy things in the USA.

    All the other reasons NOT to do this transaction have already been mentioned in other threads where a similar question was asked. The MAIN reason not to ship to a different address is that Paypal will not protect you as a seller if she files a claim for any reason.
  4. yup, never ever ship to an address that isn't the one paypal gives , you'll not be covered at all as a seller if it goes pear shaped.

    like TXcoachgirlie said, they may be using a forwarding service, it could also be a scam.
  5. Thanks for the replies. I know and refuse to send anything other than the paypal verified address. I don't like it when buyers ask me to send to different address, when my listing states that I only ship to paypal verified address.
  6. yup, they'll try anything
  7. If the buyer is serious, she can change or add that US address to her PP account . But then for you to be protected, you will have to refund the first sale and let her re-buy it with the new PP address in effect. I would call PP and be super sure about this. But, as said above, you will not be protected if you send to any other address other than the PP one. Too risky IMO.
  8. I agree with mmmsc.................... let them change their address with paypal & eBay.
  9. It's so easy to add an address to PayPal, there's no reason that a serious buyer shouldn't be able to do it. I have three addresses on my account (home, bf's house, work) so that I can make sure to choose the one I will be at if I need to sign for the package.

    I had an Aussie interested in something I was selling only to the US and she wanted to use a forwarding service. I told her it had to be on her paypal account and told her how to add the address - she was floored - had no idea she could do that. I wish more people knew...
  10. I would not ship to an unconfirmed paypal address.. potential problem

    if you do
  11.'re right. I was easily able to have my alternate addresses confirmed by paypal, but I guess someone who wanted to use a forwarding service might not be able to do that. Good point!
  12. you don't need a confirmed address anymore, as long as paypal says "ok to ship" you're fine.
  13. ship to the address confirmed on the paypal account, or you will otherwise be taking a risk.

    there are thread after thread in this forum with people getting burned every day, so why risk it?