Shipping to Denmark with a buyer who has 0 feedback...

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  1. Hi. I'm selling a pair of gently used Manolos, and I've specified in my listing that I'll ship within the US only, but there's this buyer who's offering to pay a lot for my item. However, (s)he lives in Denmark and has 0 feedback. Would you do it?
  2. hmm, how is she paying? I heard sellers are not protected on int'l transactions on paypal
  3. Don't know. She's just asking if I would accept her bid. I'm thinking no if PayPal doesn't protect me.
  4. I've just had a chargeback from an international buyer who begged me to sell a bag to him for his girlfriends B-day. Now he's saying he never authorized the charge. Same email, same physical address, bid on eBay & paid with Paypal, both password protected.

    Save yourself the ulcer & just say NO!
  5. yeah, there are some real international selling horror stories out there... you're not protected with paypal if the address you are shipping to is unconfirmed. And unfortunately, most international addresses are not confirmed. If you accept their bid, make sure they pay you with WU, Bidpay, or Google checkout. Those services won't allow a chargeback.

    , so sorry this happened to you! Was it an established ebayer that bought from you or a newbie too?

  6. I personally wouldnt do it. Too risky IMO

    I would stick with your TOA and tell her that you dont accept international bids.

    Good luck.

    You can make your acution block international bidders and those with less then 3 feedback. Just an FYI:yes:
  7. It's difficult to make these kind of decisions, however I think if she is will to pay with a bank transfer or something other than paypal I would say go for it.
    I have had some very pleasant experiences with international buyers. With Europe being so expensive I often find those buyers willing to pay higher prices, just an observation.
  8. The problem with bank tranfers is that as a buyer you have no protection and charges can be very high (especially when paying in foreign currency).

    Is she aware that she will have to pay custom fees on top of the price for Manolo´s? They can add a lot to the final price and if ´she is new to eBay she might not know this.
  9. I guess it's okay if she will pay you thru western union or wire transfer just make sure you will receive the exact amount.. If she really wants the shoes, she will buy it... you won't lose anything w/ WU or WT.. I mean we all started on eBay as zero... just my opinion :smile:

  10. Actually, he had a few feedback, and had been a member for at least a year.
    But now he's found a new method of cheating the system, his feedback has become "private".

    Paypal is saying they are fighting the chargeback, but I'm not optomistic after hearing the horror stories on chargebacks. This was my first, and I hope, last. Luckily it was only a $29. bag. All my auctions now state US Only & I don't even care if that lessens the pool of potential buyers! :p
  11. Would an international money order also be secure from something like a chargeback or reversal?
  12. Ugh. Good luck with that. I don't ship outside of the US.
  13. I'd like to learn how to do that, though I don't have a problem with newbies. Too bad one bad apple spoils it for everyone else!
  14. Yes, I have taken many international money orders and have yet to have a problem.

    There are a lot of Western Union scams, but that is when a buyer sends you a fake check. Each time I have accepted Western Union I have been notified by the buyer they have sent the money, then I go to my local grocery store and pick up the check and cash it there. You just need to have your sellers details on hand, know the amount the transaction is for and your i.d.

    I don't think you can say you accept Western Union in your listing as ebay does not approve, but if a buyer asks then it's fine.
  15. I didn't think you could make your feedback private anymore? or have I got confused.