Shipping to China

  1. I recently listed a Chloe bag on eBay and in the auction I stated I would only ship to US and Canada. Someone from China used "Buy It Now" and I don't have a problem shipping the bag to them except they are new and next to their name it says (Unverified) instead of a feedback rating. I don't really know what that means or if it's bad or not. Also, if they pay through paypal will they be able to have a confirmed address? I know that some countries don't have confirmed addresses. I was a little worried about that, so I asked if they could just send a money order (they can send them in US dollars, right?) Sorry, I'm sure I sound like a newbie, but any help would be appreciated!
  2. Definately Do not take a Money Order! DO not sell to this buyer. Contact eBay live help immediately to let them know that International was not offered and they purchased, try to get your fee back and then relist. The problem with eBay is that they will still be able to leave you bad feedback about not selling, but I would rather the bad feedback instead of being scammed out of a handbag.
  3. Only accept paypal from intl. buyers, there are issues with intl money orders because of conversion factors and fees etc, and you end up losing out. If you ship ONLY ship with EMS Express mail because thats the only intl service that offers tracking and $100 base insurance, its a little pricer though.
  4. Hi, I just read from another thread & check eBay, we cant ship to China & HK anymore...
    But if you still looking to sell the bag to them, you'd ask them for MO ( just to inform, if they've 126 as i-net provider in their email address, they might be faker ( I got much email from who asking want to buy my LV and ask me to email them to, it's faker sindicate ) but it's depend on you asa seller )

    Right, some countries have no confirmed address incl. Asia.
  5. Why shouldn't I accept a money order? I have never really sold anything out of North America, so I'm new at this.
  6. There are too many fake money order-etc. You ship the bag and then it is a fraud. Its still a risk with the unconfirmed paypal address also, but it's a little better if you are desperate to sell and need the money. Personally I would not do it, I would file a claim with ebay to get your insertion fee back and then relist, Designer handbags that are truly 100% Authentic is a definate good catch to a real Handbag Lover so you will not have a problem selling.
  7. ^^ Thats ALSO true, what Pursedealership said... if you really want to sell the bag and not relist, ONLY accept paypal
  8. Thank you so much for all of your input! I am so thankful to have all of you helping me on this forum! I contacted Ebay through email and will do the live help tonight or tomorrow. I am definitely not going to go through with this transaction with that buyer!
  9. Your welcome.. You made a great decision, Sometimes the Best Sale is No Sale- Remember that!
  10. If you accept international money order, only ship the bag after you have cashed the MO and the cash is in your hand.
  11. I recently sold an item where the buyer used the "Buy It Now" option. Problem is the person is from China and is unverified and has yet to contact me. I don't have any other way to contact him/her other than through ebay. Not to mention, the address the buyer listed is a whole bunch of question marks eg.?????????
    I am unable to to make payment arrangements with this buyer because they are not contacting me or responding to my emails. I requested contact NLT 48 hours after close of auction. I don't know what to do.
  12. Actually, I'd sell it to the china buyer if they pay via BANK WIRE. then I really don't think there's any problem re fraudulent MO or cc chargebacks?
  13. Bank wires arent safe either. My bank will NOT allow customers to do wires if its for an ebay transaction anymore. Makes sense, why do I want my account and routing numbers in the hands of a stranger?
  14. I agree Donna. So which way is best? I am not savvy as far as international trasnactions and I need advice. I have a buyer from Belgium who purchaed it for someone that lives in Hong Kong. I was going to ship to Hong Kong but now she says that I can ship to her friend in the US and she will pay with her Pay Pal account. This is okay right? As long as she has a confirmed Pay Pal address? But the thing is, I will be shipping it to somewhere else, not to her. It's making me a little nervous and not sure what to do.:confused1:
  15. I had someone ask the same of me Powder. She said her account was registered in Holland, but she had a house here in Florida I could send it to. I am very confused now. It hard to tell where to draw the line, because some one asked if I would ship to canda, and I said yes. A lady with perfect feedback asked if I would ship to Singapore... I just don't know what to say!