Shipping to Australia

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  1. I'm selling a brand new pair of $1,150 CL boots that are too small for me and I just got an email from a potential bidder to ship to Australia. After reading some of the threads on this forum I'm a little nervous to ship to Australia. I heard about the problem with customs. I emailed the bidder back and told her I can ship to Australia, but it would be through Express Mail. Is this the best way to ship to Australia? TIA
  2. There's no problem as long as you declare the full price of the item. I've imported many, many things and had no issue. I've had to sign for both Express mail and Priority Mail items from the US, so I'm not sure what difference there is when it comes to tracking. Hopefully someone else can help out.
  3. All I can say is insure, insure, INSURE!! Make sure you get reliable tracking (for your own protection, not that of the buyer) and keep all your proof of postage receipts in a safe place until well after the buyer receives their goods.

    I know this sounds like a lot of precautions, but it's really just some very minor things that I do for all items I ship, as a matter of course. I would do this even if I were posting my item down the street!

    Oh, and you don't need to declare the original retail price, just what your buyer pays.
  4. Thanks so much for your great advice musthaveseenher and i_wona. I will make sure I insure the shoes for the amount they sell for and get signature confirmation.
  5. let your buyer know that is there is any customs duties there are her responsibility not yours and that you won't under-declare the value of the shoes but marked the customs declaration for the amount she paid for them on ebay.
    australian customs will charge her if the parcel is over 1000 dollars.
  6. Thank you for reminding me of that.
  7. I think Express mail is good and reliable. I'm from Australia and I bought some bags from US cost below AUD1k using Expresss Mail and they arrived safely.It takes about 2 weeks though.
  8. Thanks flowerbobon. I informed the bidder that I would ship through Express Mail and quoted her the price, but never heard back. It would $40.00 because they are boots and are heavy. Oh well. I would rather not sell them and have them get lost and lose $1.045. I don't have to sell them either, but they are too small for me.
  9. that's because it's night right here :biggrin: Don't worry I think the package will arrive safely.
  10. I didn't that Flowerbobon. Thanks for letting me know. I forgot about the time difference.
  11. USPS Express mail is great, it comes w/ $100 of insurance (of course you'll want more), signature confirmation, AND the best part is it's totally trackable. I sent something to a friend in New Zealand for his birthday---it just left customs, I've been obsessively tracking it. Plus depending on weight/size it should be around $40 and take between 5-8 days, which is amazingly fast. you can go online and enter your tracking and have it email you the signature as well as any tracking updates. You could enroll your buyer's email for tracking too so she'll get updates as it goes.

    Take the recipient's email & phone number to enter to the customs form, it'll help w/ notifying them if customs needs them for any reason.
  12. Thank you Shamsi for your great advice.
  13. I just received an email from a buyer in Denmark with zero feedback and she wants to know why she cannot bid on these CL boots I'm selling. I filled out my preferences in the auction to not allow anyone with less than 4 feedback or negative feedback to bid. This lady says she really wants these boots and will pay the BIN offer that I have listed. I just looked up her buying history and she has only bought one dress in the last 30 days, but has not left any feedback or received any feedback. I feel bad if this lady is honest and really wants a chance to buy these CL boots. Can this board give me some advice please? Has anyone sold $1,450 shoes or handbags to a buyer with zero feedback in Denmark?
  14. Two weeks? I got a bag from the US via Express and it took four days. Any more than five days is definitely not the norm, just going by personal experience. Priority mail usually even only takes a week or so, sometimes longer if you catch a weekend.
  15. I have to agree, post from the US to Australia is excelent, I even had a bag come First class regular mail this week...left New York Thursday afternoon and was here first thing Monday...Express only seems to take 4-5 days for me and I have had Priority come just as quick...