Shipping to Aussie.. can some gal help pls

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  1. Hi

    Just wonder if I ship an item by EMS to Australia. in case nobody at home. will the parcel then keep by at the post office?? or they will give you a card to call?

    or drop it on the floor

  2. Hi there,
    I recommend you ship via express mail with a tracking number and signature on delivery. Normally with any parcel if nobody's home you get a little card and have to pick up the parcel at the local PO. With some courier services (Fedex etc.) they will keep coming back 3 times and call the recipient to arrange a good time to drop off. Most deliveries seem to be early morning between 9 and 10am (at least in my area).
  3. And btw, they definitely wouldn't drop it on the floor! :nogood:
  4. hey hon - as per my PM they will leave you a card and you have to pick it up from the local PO.
  5. They should leave a card - my mail guy turns up at around 7am here, which means I'm normally home lol.
  6. oh great many thanks! 7am is VERY EARLY!!

    and usually what is the office hr for PO? do they open during weekends?
  7. they open from 9am-5pm (mon to fri) here in sydney. some major ones open on saturday mornings.
  8. good to know cos I will be working 9-5 mon-friday. hehe

    thanks everyone!