Shipping to an unconfirmed address?

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  1. Have you all had any issues shipping items to unconfirmed addresses? I have a potential buyer for my Coach bag (posted about this last night) but she wants me to ship to her boyfriends address or work address as she recently moved out of her parents house. If I send it to her work address, I can do signature confirmation.

    Is there any risk to this? The potential buyer only has 3 feedback.

  2. Tell her you only ship to confirm addresses. If she files a claim, you will not be protected by paypal if you shipped to an unconfirmed adress. Be sure to use insurance and delivery confirmation. Better safe than sorry!
  3. ^^ I agree with Barmakianbags. In the current ebay climate you must take no risks. Only confirmed addresses..
  4. I responded and let her know confirmed address only. Thanks for the advice!! : )
  5. FYI, shipping to a confirmed address only matters for the seller protection policy, and the seller protection policy only covers certain chargebacks and reversals. It's not relevant to any of the other disputes a buyer/seller may have - such as a SNAD claim. from the user agreement:
    A Chargeback is covered if it was due to non-receipt of merchandise, or an unauthorized payment. A Reversal is covered if it was due to an unauthorized payment. The Seller Protection Policy does not cover Claims for Significantly Not as Described or for non-receipt of merchandise, or sales of intangible goods, services, or licenses for digital content. PayPal Claims are not covered by the Seller Protection Policy. For more information on winning a PayPal Claim see the Buyer Protection Programs section of this agreement.

    So basically it only protects you from chargebacks and reversals due to claims of non-receipt of goods or unauthorized use of a credit card. everything else goes through the regular dispute procedure.
  6. But I thought people were having the money withdrawn from their accounts for chargebacks EVEN if Paypal sided with them in a dispute. Once a chargeback is filed I didn't think PayPal would give you back the money.