Shipping to a P.O. Box?

  1. I just received a PayPal payment but the address is a P.O. Box, this is a high end item and I can't get a signature confirmation from a P.O. Box. Have any of you shipped to a P.O. Box before?
  2. Wouldn't they put a slip in the person's box for them to sign? My dh has a po box and he has slips but in his box that he signs
  3. I thought you can still get signature confirmation for PO box. They would just hold the package at the post office and the person has to sign it when they pick up.
  4. ^^^^ you are correct. I have a PO Box and for signed items I get a slip that says I have to sign.
  5. Thanks for the info:confused1:, I don't know why I thought you couldn't ship to PO boxes using priority mail.
  6. what is the reason that some people wouldn't ship to PO Boxes or military APO/AFO addresses? if signature confirmation is available, why does it seem like some sellers don't want to ship to them? are there other risks involved?
  7. You can absolutely have signature required to a PO Box if using UPSP Priority Mail. I have a PO Box and when I get a package, they leave a note in my box that I take to the counter. The counter person gets my package from the back and I sign for it.

    Some people may not know this and that's why they're hesitant to ship to a PO Box. (?) I don't know about APO/FPO boxes.

    Also if the shipper uses FedEx, UPS or DHL, they do not deliver to PO Boxes - they need a physical address instead.

    Hope this helps!