Shipping to a different address than on paypal?

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  1. I tried searching in the archives for this, but I'm not finding an answer.

    I have three auctions where people want me to ship the item to a different address than the paypal adress. Could this potentially be a problem? One of them is overseas?

  2. Hi. This might not be of much help but thought I would chime in. I live in Asia and it is difficult for me to purchase from eBay for several reasons. I do have a friend in the midwest who bids for me and then has the items shipped to my aunt in CA. It has worked out most of the time, but some items have ended up at my friend's address. Not really a big deal except he then has to go and send it out to my aunt and pay again for shipping. Nothing has gone misisng though.
  3. Do not ever ship to any address other than the confirmed listed address on the paypal account. Otherwise, if the buyer claims they never recieved the item you are not covered under thier seller protection policy, and the buyer would be able to get thier money back and keep the item. A lot of plp use this method to get a free item, because they know paypal will not help you out if you ship to any other address than the one listed.

  4. True that. Just ship at your own risk. I once did that, to a local US buyer with a confirmed address, who requested me to send the parcel to another address, and she pulled a chargeback trick on me even though I shipped with tracking. Somehow I had Paypal backing on that one, I guess I was lucky but I still say don't count on it!
  5. Only ever send to confirmed paypal addresses. Adressess in CANADA, UK and USA can be confirmed for anyone who wants you to post to an unconfirmed address ask for payment method of bank transfer instead!
  6. I shipped to unconfirmed addresses all the time, I just make sur the amount is no more than I am willing to lose.
  7. if u need ot sent to different address, do not sent valuable item..:tup:.
  8. I also ship to unconfirmed addresses. I just always make sure that I include tracking and signature confirmation with all packages. Thank goodness I haven't had any problems.

  9. VERY good idea..i will do that all items i sold..:tup:
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  11. I say don't do this. Could be a hijacked account and you - the seller- will be out the money when PP discovers anything wrong. (i.e. they will debit your PP account and return the money to the rightful owner, and the fraudulent buyer will have your item and there is no way for you to get the money back.) I would call PP and ask them if and how you are covered.
  12. Do not under any circumstances do that! I am fighting a fraud case right now(the buyer is fradulant) and the only thing that is saving me is that the address I shipped to(even though the winning account was different) is confirmed by PayPal. If you ship to a different address and anything goes wrong PayPal will not be able to assist you in anything! Just food for thought...
  13. If you can afford to lose the money from this sale (:noggin:) send away but who in their right mind can... so I never send to an unconfirmed address.
  14. The couple of times I've shipped to unconfirmed addresses all went just fine. But with all the scamming going on now, I don't think I'd do it again.
  15. I would not. Because if they are scammers, they'll say you shipped it to the wrong address or they didn't receive it and can make a case against you because you didn't ship it to their address.

    I would kindly refuse and tell them you ship to confirmed addresses only. If they want it sent somewhere, they can change their address on paypal and confirm it...doesn't take that long.