Shipping times? Is there an ebay rule?

  1. Im really irritated - I purchased a bag on Monday, and hadn't heard from the seller. So, I emailed them today and asked when it shipped and what the tracking number was. They reply back that they will ship it on Saturday! Thats 5 days after auction end and payment received before even sending it! Is there any rules on eBay about how many days a seller has to ship?
  2. ok, just researched and OMG a seller has 30 days to ship per FTC.

    But if I wait that long as a buyer, wont I lose the option to do a chargeback if she never ships?

    I'm worried my bag isn't coming...
  3. Did you pay via paypal? I would tell the seller that if you didn't have the tracking number by Monday that you would file a complaint with paypal.
  4. If you paid via Paypal, then the seller has 7 days to ship out the item under Paypal's seller protection guide and if by eBay they have 30 days to ship the item. HTH! :smile: