Shipping time from USA to Europe?

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  1. I'm waiting for an item from USA, seller should have dispatched it on July 30th but it still hasn't arrived (I'm in Italy). Should I worry now? It was sent through airmail. I've seen that items coming from UK usually take 10 days to arrive, during Christmas time it even take 3 weeks...maybe the delay is due to holiday period?
  2. Do you know what shipping method the seller used?
    That seems an awfully long time to me.
    Have you contacted the seller?
  3. Yes, I contacted him tonight, I hope he gets back to me soon. I think he dispatched the item through airmail, no courier
  4. I'm believe airmail is first class international mail. USPS doesn't ship anything surface mail anymore, so first class would be airmail but it's the slowest of the options available to your country. That's the only other option on the USPS website besides priority mail international and express mail international. It just says the shipping time varies for the first class option. Priority mail international, which is the next shipping option after first class is 6-10 business days, but I have seen it take a little longer to Europe. Did the seller insure your item? If so, there is a number for USPS international shipping inquiries, but the seller has to call to start an investigation. I would contact the seller to have him or her do this because (I don't want to scare you) it can take up to 60 days for USPS to get any information. What they do is contact your customs and border patrol, but they do it through a 3rd party so it can take up to 60 days. The other thing you can do is try to contact customs yourself. You would just need the customs declaration form# that the seller used to ship your item. It's been 3 weeks since your item was shipped, so I would be getting a little worried too. Hope this helps and you get your item soon!

    Vicki :smile:
  5. Good news! The item arrived today, it was sent on Aug.2nd, so it took about 20 days to arrive. It didn't have to go through custom because the seller very cleverly stated it was a gift (it was under 50 $ anyway). I'm so happy!:yahoo:
  6. YAY! That's great! Glad it finally got there. :smile: