Shipping time from Europe to US?

  1. Hi all. How long does it usually take to ship something via Airsure from UK to US? It says 2-4 working days on Royalmail's website, and it's been longer than that. I'm getting a little bit anxious because the seller I bought from is not responding my emails. The tracking number he gave me states that it was posted in May 07, while I purchased the item this month. :confused1:
  2. Um. I think shipping time might not be the sounds like he might have given you an old tracking number, ie: bogus. :s

    How long HAS it been, exactly?
  3. It hasn't been extremely long, although it seems like forever (cause I'm anxious to get the bag :p) ... he said he mailed it out on Dec 5th. He scanned the tracking slip and emailed it to me.
  4. Same thing here. I sent Airsure insured on the 6th to the States, RM says takes 2 - 4 days but still hasn't arrived, and the online tracking is just usless...

    Fingers crossed they all arrive safe!!!

  5. Just realizing something: the date format in Europe will say 5-12-07 as the mailing date instead of the american way of writing 12-5-07. Is that why you think it indicates a mailing date of May 2007?
  6. yup, 5/12 in european is 5th december. royal mail is always extra awful around christmas time so i wouldn't worry just yet. has the tracking updated at all?
  7. Items from the Uk to US never take 2-4 days!!!! I never reaslised the website said that- you would be lucky to get it within 2 weeks!!
  8. I would say it takes at least one week.
  9. give it a few mroe days as its holiday season and post office everywhere is SWAMPED...:tup:
  10. You guys are right! It does say 5/12/07. I never knew that Europe date format is different. Thanks!

    Tracking says the packing is in the hands of US post service. *patience* *patience*

    You guys are awesome!
  11. Oh good!
    I was starting to worry that you'd found yourself a scammer, and then it just HIT me--May is the 5th month, but the seller said he shipped on Dec. 5. :p
  12. BAH - USPS website says parcel delivered on Wednesday, but guess what, spoke to my brother last night and they haven't received anything...

    I've sent them the USPS email with the reference number etc, so they can give them a ring this morning.

    At least I got insurance, as I sent them a LV scarf and bandana!

    Fingers crossed!!!