Shipping Time Frame

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  1. Hello Coach experts,

    Are any of you seasoned online customers familiar with how long it typically takes Coach to process and ship an order? Maybe I'm spoiled, but I'm surprised that after making an order yesterday evening, I have yet to receive an email notifying me of shipment (and yes, I have checked the status on the site).

    I paid for standard shipping and the order form mentioned an ETA of this Friday (1 October). I live in southern California so I just would have assumed that they would have shipped today if it were really going to make it here by then. Of course, I am very antsy because I am reeeally looking forward to this puppy, so if any one has any experience with their average processing and shipping speed, I would love to hear about it. Thanks for any insight (and feel free to tell me to calm down - although I know there are many sympathizers out there).
  2. Hmmm...well I have only ordered from the boutique, but my SA told me that if you order on the weekend, it doesn't get processed until the next business day. I placed an order on Friday afternoon in CA and just got the shipment email this afternoon.

    I would guess that your package would be shipped tomorrow, which is more than enough time for FedEx to deliver by October 1.

    But I know it is so hard to wait!!
  3. We are in the same boat. I placed an order on Sunday afternoon and waiting for email notification
  4. Glaze, that makes sense. I guess that I'm so used to 'standard' shipping being UPS's five day deal that I assumed FedEx would be just as clunky. And waiting for a purchase to be delivered when it's already en route is unbearable, to say nothing of the initial processing time! I will just have to be patient and hope that the wait is partially due to Coach taking the time to inspect their goods so that nothing is amiss once delivered. (And sometimes looking forward to a bag is half - well, not quite half, but at least SOME - of the fun.) Thanks for your input, ladies.

    (And Maes, we'll just have to endure this struggle together.)
  5. I placed my order on Saturday, I'm sure they won't even process the order til today... so I most likely won't get my item until next week.. usually I think it takes about 3 days to even get a tracking # and it takes about 3 days to even get the item...
  6. Ugh. That doesn't sound promising. Three days for a tracking number? is it at least already on it's way by the time they e mail it?
  7. I have ordered a few things and never had to wait that long! I hope you don't either!
  8. When I was in my store on Saturday and had to have a bag ordered, the SA's said that because of PCE/ePCE and the new floorset, JAX is ridiculously busy right now so my bag which normally would have shipped today(Monday) no problem most likely won't until tomorrow(Tuesday). She said I should have it by Friday though no matter what. Totally sucks but that's what happens when we all go crazy with our PCE's I guess! :P
  9. Coachsj, that sounds very logical. I'm sure that they are very busy fulfilling other orders. Oh well, I guess it's worth the wait. I just haven't been this excited about getting a new bag in, well, in at least a couple of months! :P I also guess that if it at least gets here by Friday then it doesn't matter when it actually goes out. (And I really hope it gets here by Friday!)
  10. I'm in California too and I placed a PCE order at my boutique yesterday. I haven't gotten a confirmation e-mail yet, so I'm guessing it'll come tomorrow. Once it ships, it takes about 3 days to get here. I typically place my orders on Friday, get the e-mail Monday, and then the package arrives Thursday afternoon. So I'm guessing we'll get our stuff by Friday. That's all approximate of course, but hopefully that gives you a better idea.
  11. Yes, that is great news! Glad to gear the shipping doesn't take too long.
  12. It only took a day this time to get my tracking #, so thats good, and it says my item is suppose to arrive in 2 days... so I'm sure you'll hear something real soon!
  13. S, mine still hasnt gotten a tracking number info. When I check order status mine says in warehouse :/
  14. They probably are just getting it all ready right now... don't worry! :biggrin:
  15. Mine still says 'in warehouse,' too. Rats. My anticipation is waning - I tend to get really excited and then wear myself out. And I'm not too familiar, but is the warehouse on the east coast? That means it's noon over there. Come on, Coach, stop torturing me!