Shipping Question

  1. Ok I hope someone out there can help. I ordered a purse last week. FedEx says it is supposed to arrive @ 4:30. Well I work and won't be home til 5:30. Does FedEx/Coach require signatures? Thanks in advance.
  2. i've never had to sign for any of my coach stuff...though, i think it's supposed to be required.
  3. If you have signed waiver with Fedex, they will leave the package. If not, they will leave a note on your door.
  4. It's supposed to be required, but Fed Ex is not consistent in what they require. I have never had to sign for my stuff, even when I specifically requested that they get a signature. Supposedly, I have a "waiver" on file, yet when I ordered my husband a pair of shoes from Cole Haan, Fed Ex wouldn't leave them without getting a signature in person from someone!
  5. i think they just make up the rules as they go along, lol.
  6. Like everyone else has mentioned - I think is just hit and miss, and may depend on the driver.

    I ordered something last week, and they just dropped it off at the door and drove off. (I was at home so I heard the truck pull up.) But they didn't require a signature or even see if anyone was home.
  7. Here's hoping that I have my bag when I get home from work tomorrow. Thanks for all your help everyone!
  8. I tape notes easily visable to my door...sort of a pre-signature, "ATTENTION FEDEX or UPS (whatever): I authorize you to please leave the package shipped from Coach at this residence -- 555 main st. anywhere usa" and sign and print you name and the date. The letter is always gone, and the packaged sitting at my door....
  9. We have a signature on file with Fedex so they always leave it on the porch. But, before when we lived in apt (pre-marriage and pre-house) I would put a note on the door saying "Fedex, please leave package #________________ on the porch. THank you, your name________________ and the date _______." Then they get a signature and they'll leave it. Then you won't have to go through the hassle of waiting to pick it up after a certain time, etc. When you look on the fedex tracking website if it doesn't say signature required, you're probably ok...but, I would do the note. Don't make it huge but use a dark pen or perm. marker so they'll notice it. Hope this helps.