Shipping Question

  1. HI all... ok wasnt sure where to post this. but as its a general q. i guessed here would be good.

    For all those residing in the US especailly NY

    how do you avoid custsom tax on incoming shipments, i have a friend that lives there and she wants misc. stuff from paris, what can i do to avoid customs for her..

    those who have shipped before or have tips pls let me know. (never done it out of paris before)

  2. i've recieved stuff from outside the US and have never dealt with customs.. it usually isn't a problem. at least for me..
  3. BB,

    What is the total value of what you're shipping? With that info, I can help you.
  4. hi roo..

    ok its about i would say just under 1000$
    do i claim the honest amount? no right i should but fake amounts.. is it better to send by DHL?
  5. Declare it for $200 or less and mark is as a gift (cadeau) on the customs forms. I'd send it regular La Poste- in my experience I've had fewer problems getting things thru customs via regular mail vs. special carriers.

    Just make sure you don't have price tags or receipts in the box and it should be fine.

    The DOWN SIDE is that you can't insure it for it's full worth or the customs people catch that... so there is risk but I think you'll be OK.

    If you are really desperate, I'll be there in a month and if you don't have too much stuff you can give it to me and I can ship it to your friend when I am stateside again.
  6. as always u are sOO sweet. thanks.. ill see waht if shes cool with that..

    but will definalty take u upon the offer if she is.

    cant wait for lunching in paris!! teehee
  7. Yeah! Lunch will be great.

    Seriously though, La Poste should be fine. Just mark it as a gift, should be to NY in 5 days if you send it air.
  8. perfect. was thinking DHL better. but maybe not.. cool will do that then and mark as gift..

  9. My experience too - no problems at all. I get stuff all the time from london & australia.
  10. ^ and your in NY.. what do they put on the forms? whats the method tht they are snedin the shipments?
  11. Don't ship DHL! They will charge your friend a broker's fee on top of any customs fee!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Just use regular postal service.....declare the value of $200 and make sure to insure it for that amount. If you're really worried you may be able to send it express service through the postal service...that way you'll have a tracking number!

    I'm in the states...and all my stuff from overseas (Germany & Italy) have been sent by regular postal service...and by the time it gets to me there is no customs form on it (I guess they tear it off at the PO).
  12. ok welll i sent it yesterday.. they charged me 60 euros.. i have to put it in 2separate packages, one a manila envelope and one in a box, i marked it gift nad put fake amounts for the value.. BUT there is not tracking number, for a tracking number i would have to pay 60 euro per 250g.. im sOOOO worrried now.. honeslty.. please someone reassure me that it will be ok.. honeslty i would rather i had sent it via dhl..just to bypass the worry
  13. how much :wtf: ?????? this wasn't la poste was it :wtf: ? was it really heavy or something? it might slip through customs easier if it's not tracked though which is at least one good thing.
  14. ya it was la poste.. the one at the louvre.. i waited in line for 2hours.. and then he said 60 euros.. air mail no tracking and then it would be 250euros with tracking.. i panicked and said ok 60.. filled in the paper. said it was a gift etc.

    he said it would take one week.. i split the shipments. i put the scarves in a manila envelope and i put the rest of it in a box sealed. so hopefully it will get there ok. i will seriously worry and panic until it does. its a LOT of money to be floating aorund in the air and not to get there..
  15. It'll get there just fine, BB, don't worry. The shipments must have been heavy- but I know that airmail here is very pricey if you exceed three pounds. I just sent a six pound parcel via SURFACE to Vienna (which takes 2-3 months by ship) and that cost $25 USD.