Shipping Question

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  1. I have my listing set at free UPS ground shipping. However a potential buyer has told me she needs the item by July 13th. I did a calculate time and cost on the UPS website and the package would not make it by her requested date.

    How would I handle this?

    On the UPS website it has the option of next day air, next day air saver, and 2nd day air. Would it be okay to tell her that if you have a special circumstance that you need to pay for the upgraded shipping?
  2. Yes, if the buyer requests upgraded shipping, then they should pay the difference in cost.
  3. I agree the buyer should pay the extra. I just bought a bag from ebay and the seller offered Priority Mail. I asked to have it shipped Express Mail International with insurance. I paid the extra costs.
  4. Yupp, the buyer should pay.
  5. Buyer definately should pay the difference. Any store online would do the same thing. Fair is fair.