Shipping Question

  1. I just recently sold a bag to a seller across the country. It took 7 days to ship the bag via UPS ground. Now that the bag is there, UPS has made 2 delivery attempts (I asked for signature confirmation). UPS will make a 3rd delivery attempt tomorrow. I have to three questions:

    1) How many times does UPS attempt to deliver before they send the item back to sender?

    2) If the bag gets sent back and I have to redeliver, who pays for shipping then? It's the buyer, right?

    3) Should I email the sender to see if she should can have UPS hold the bag and she picks it up? I being a nag and it's her problem.

    This is my first sell and I don't want to do anything wrong.

  2. You should definately email the buyer and nicely tell her that if she doesn't pick it up or call UPS and have them deliver it to her at work (or where ever she is) that it will be returned to you and that then she'll have to pay shipping fees again.

  3. ^ Yep
  4. By all means email her and tell her to arrange for a pick up.
    I believe that after 3rd attempt, UPS will send it back.
    If she requests the item to be sent again, it is of course the buyer's responsibility as she was not diligent enough to arrange for a delivery.

    That said, I do think UPS is a pain. I hate not knowing when the approximate time for package delivery is.
  5. They will attempt to deliver it 3x and then they will hold it for a week for her to pick it up. After each delivery attempt UPS leaves info about picking the item up from their terminal. If she doesn't pick it up, they will send it back to you. I would say that she would be responsible for paying for shipping again if this happens. The only thing that could she could possibly do is claim that she didn't know she had to be home to receive the package and try to cause a stink about that. She should just go pick it up. I think UPS makes packages available for pick up after the driver's shift and are open until like 9pm. (At least the main terminal in the Denver-Metro area is)
  6. It is a pain not knowing approximately what time something will get delivered, and unfortunately this is standard with all carriers. Although our Fed Ex driver and UPS driver seem to come at the same time of day when I have packages delivered, which is cool.
  7. From the tracking information, it appears that the deliveries are made at about the same time each day (give or take 10 minutes). Granted however, the time seems to be when she's probably at work.

    I ended up sending her an email encouraging her to pick up the package instead. Hope she's open to it.
  8. I am always picking stuff up if I know I won't be home when they come. It's not a big deal, so hopefully she does it!