Shipping question...

  1. Hi,

    I have a question about an item that I sold on eBay and shipped on Thursday. It was sent out Express Mail, and is supposed to be delivered to the buyer on Saturday by noon.

    I sent it out with a tracking number and insurance via USPS. And as of 10 minutes ago, I STILL can't track the item online through the USPS website.

    I don't know if I'm just being paranoid, but it bothers me that I cannot see where the package is and what's going on. Has this happened to anyone else? Is this common with the U.S. Post Office? :confused1: I usually ship FedEx or UPS, but the buyer wanted USPS.

    I even called their customer service, and got NO help. :cursing: They had, literally, NO info! Please tell me that this isn't something to worry about.
  2. Yes, it should be there if the Post office Printed the postage. Did you print your postage from home or did the Post Office print it for you? If you did it at home nothing will show until it is delivered. You will just get the message that they were notified package was coming.
  3. The post office printed the postage. They said it could take "a few hours" for the item to show up in their tracking system, but it's been more than a day. :sad:
  4. Are you typing in the number on the delivery confirmation slip?
  5. Or the one on the express mail slip?
  6. It is the number on the express mail slip. The post office woman placed a sticker with a barcode and number on the box. She said the number was the tracking number. That's the number I've tried.

    It appears to have the correct format for a USPS tracking number, but there is no record of it. Could they have messed up, or missed something in the process?
  7. If it is the Express Mail number you have to put in the entire number plus all the letters..EB at the front and US at the end.
  8. Not likely to affect delivery so don't panic. It is possible where you are the updating is just slow for some reason.
  9. Thanks for your help. I am probably just paranoid. It bothers me that I've sent out something so expensive and I have no idea where it's at. The buyer is worried too, and I can understand why.
  10. It will arrive. I've only used express for Europe..but I use Delivery Conf. on EVERY Package. Sometime that is slow to is a complete mystery to me.
  11. Yes, have had this happen. Don't worry, everything is fine! I PROMISE!
  12. Sometimes the info on USPS isn't updated until well after the item is delivered. I've had this happen many times!
  13. I wouldn't worry. USPS updates are not very reliable, and it doesn't really show the progress. It usually just shows up when the shipment has been delivered.
  14. To clarify, are you asking about a delivery confirmation number? Because those are not trackable, per se. NOTHING like FedEx or UPS.
  15. USPS only shows when left and then.... when arrived
    FEDEX and UPS show every point where it is.