Shipping Question-Should I be concerned??

  1. Ok, I just checked the tracking on my coach order and it originated in Boston, MA!?
    I thought things usually ship from Jacksonville, FL? Do you think maybe they didn't have the bag I wanted in the warehouse so they shipped it from a retail store? any thoughts you have are appreciated! thanks guys!
  2. I wouldn't worry - if they shipped it from a retail store it will still be new and unhandeled. They are not going to send you the display model or anything!
  3. I didn't think it would be used or anything, I was just curious why it was coming from Boston. This is only the 2nd thing I have ever ordered directly from Coach. We used to have a outlet store where I live and they closed it about a year ago so that is where I normally bought things...or maybe drive to Atlanta to get something @ the Lenox store. Anyhow, my bag will arrive tomorrow and I am sure it will be AWESOME!!!
  4. i've had lots of stuff i ordered come from all over the country. so don't worry. they just fulfilled the order from somewhere else.

    i was just at lenox yesterday. they have the perfume stuff out already, so it's worth a trip! (ask for allison or jodie, they're the best!)
  5. Thanks kallison! I do wish I lived closer to Atlanta but maybe it's not such a bad thing b/c I'd be seriously in debt!! I'll be going to the Lenox store as soon as I get some money saved up b/c I just spent it all on my legacy satchel!!
  6. oh, it's a VERY good thing i live an hour away...i would be in serious trouble if i lived closer!