Shipping question, please help!

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  1. Hello all,

    Not sure if this question has been asked before.

    I am helping a friend ship a bag internationally. What is the best way to do? DHL, FEDEX, USPS, UPS? I would like to buy insurance with signature.

    It's such an expensive bag so I am so afraid it will lost in mail.

    btw, im in USA.

    If anyone has experience, please help.

    Any input is appreciated.

    Thanks!! :smile:
  2. Don't Fedex have Fedex first class international shipping or something like that? Expensive but I think it's worth it.
  3. I would not recommend fedex, they most likely will open the box and charge customs (unless that doesn't matter to you). I was so upset when I found out that they handled my birkin and then put it back in the box haphazardly :sad: I've heard usps is ok but I have no personal experience. You might want to try a search on this topic, I believe there was a thread on shipping maybe in the Hermes shopping sub forum.
  4. Hi there (:

    I'm currently doing an international order with hermes in USA and I reside in Australia.
    They use FedEx as their shipping method however it's pretty expensive.
    to get 3 small things shipped over it will cost me US$110 :wtf:
    But it's still saves me heaps :biggrin:

    Yoogi's closet is shipping a chanel bag to me by USPS for $29.95 so there's a massive difference.

    Hope that helps as a reference.
  5. Hi,
    Thanks for your information. Do you mind telling if they send as registered mail with insurance ? I know registered mail is very secure but it will take a long time. Did they send express or priority? Thanks! :smile:
  6. Absolutely do not recommend Fedex, like what DA CLUB said, Fedex is too "careful" that they will most certainly open the box and handle your bag. Also they make you fill out heaps of unnecessary paperwork. I always use USPS EMS (express mail int'l). It's trackable, insurable, signature required, fast (3-5 days), no hassle and best of all, CHEAP.
  7. No worries.

    With fedex priority my S.A said it will take about about 5-6 days.
    fedex economy only works out $10 cheaper and it takes 2-3 days longer.

    USPS priority takes about 6-10 days.
    But they shipped it out to me september 30th and it says on the site I should receive it tomorrow so that's pretty fast.

    USPS express will take 3-5 days.

    They're all insured and trackable.
    I would agree with the others USPS would be best option and apparently some times they don't charge tax. I had no choice for shipping with FedEx for my hermes order so yeah.
  8. purplebirkins , Thanks for your answer. Very straight forward and I know what to do know :smile:

    jperiwinkle, Thanks for your info as well. :smile:
  9. no worries :biggrin:
  10. HI... can I ask how the USA Hermes will ship here, are you dealing with them direct ---- I am curious as their website says they won't ship outside USA? thanks, angela