Shipping question: Expedited Canada to US timeframe?

  1. I bought a dress from someone in Canada and she sent it via Expedited US via Canada Post with tracking. I am tracking it and it says it was accepted at the Post Office in Ontario on 2/5/08. But there have been no updates since.

    When should I start worrying? I know there's no mail today due to the holiday. TIA!
  2. Anyone?
  3. It usually takes 3 to 6 business days. Add an extra day for President's Day.
  4. crap... it will be the 9th business day tomorrow.
  5. Are you tracking it from or Canada Post's website? Usually one will be more detailed than the other so try both.

    Stuff constantly gets stuck in customs, so be patient. I know it's hard!
  6. I have had this happen to me before when I was returning an item. It only got scanned once when received and then nother scans. It was finally received Thank God. Its a ***** when this happens but it does happen once in a while.
  7. Oh that's good news actually. I will be patient!

    I trust the person who sent it I just hate waiting. And I assumed that expedited meant fast! But I just checked the canada post website and it said it can take up to 12 business days via that method (or longer if there are custom delays).
  8. Yeah, our "expedited" is really only useful within Canada. Someone from NY sent me something by USPS's expedited service and it took a week and a half, really only a few days faster than priority mail.
  9. CanadaPost Expedited can be very spotty! I sent out two Expedited packages to the States on Feb. 3. One of them arrived last Monday, and the other one is still in transit as of today. In my personal experience, it can take up to three weeks!

    Don't worry, it will arrive.. sooner or later :yes:
  10. Try not to worry - i have had a couple of instances where it has taken up to 14 business days. Goodness know where it sits for that long - customs? And at least if it doesn't show then it is insured with expedited shipping - however, if that is the case, I believe that you need to wait 30 days in order to file an insurance claim. Waiting can be so irritating! Hang in there....
  11. Thank you guys!!
    I feel a lot better about being patient.
  12. Expedited usually takes 11 business days to ship to USA from Canada. Often times, if we send by regular airmail, it can get there sooner (but with no tracking number and no protection for seller or buyer)

    Canada Post is really lazy though, the tracking will only confirm that the package has been accepted at the post office, and then will only update once it reaches your city and is "out for delivery" at your mail processing plant, and then "delivered" when it gets to your doorstep.

    I've had lots of US buyers worry about this, but it's just the way Canada Post's system is. If you're lucky, they'll update you on when the item hits customs (additional 1-2 days). So I would say don't worry, as long as it's been accepted into a post office (on the tracking, it shows) your package will arrive soon :smile:

    Credibility = I usually ship to USA buyers using Expedited with tracking.