Shipping Problems :(

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  1. So I ordered the Mayfair from Nordstrom and it's been close to a month, still nothing ...
    I'm from Europe, but this doesn't seem normal.
    I'm getting really worried that something has happened and most of all that customs will just harm it :sad:.
    Anyone can relate? Has a story to tell? TIA
  2. i think you should call the Nordstrom you ordered from, talk to the sa who processed the order for you, and have him/her look up the status of your package. you're right. it should not take this long, and they need to figure out what needs to be done now or if it has even been shipped. at the very least, you'll get a tracking number out of it and melly suggested you ask for some sort of compensation for the shipping delays. good luck!
  3. i their CS immediately and the SA who processed the order. hopefully it is just delayed. fingers crossed!!
  4. I can totally relate! Here is what happened to me (Very long...sorry!):

    On Monday (11/20) I presaled a grey Mix Quilted East West Tote and a couple MJ key chains from the Downtown Seattle location. I was told everything would ring up and ship on Friday (11/23).

    On Wednesday (11/28) I called to check on the status of the shipment after receiving bags I ordered from other Nordstroms. After 40 minutes on hold I was told it had not yet shipped but that it would definitely ship out that day to arrive the following Monday.

    On Monday (12/03) I called again to check on the status of the order. I was told the bag had not yet shipped but that the manager was very sorry and it would be overnighted to me at no charge.

    On Tuesday (12/04) I called again because the bag had not arrived. This time the manager was out and I was told to call back the next day.

    On Wednesday (12/05) I called again and spoke with the manager who insisted it had shipped out (she said she spent 2 hours in the shipping department making sure of it) and it must be DHLs fault. When I called back and asked for a tracking number from the department manager I was informed that DHL's system was down and they would call me when it was back up.

    On Thursday (12/06) I called and spoke with the store manager who assured me that the bag was overnighted Monday and that they were not responsible for DHL's problems. Again, they were unable to provide me with a tracking number.

    On Friday (12/07) the bag FINALLY arrived. I looked up the tracking number on the box and saw that the bag was indeed overnighted but contrary to what I was told it didn't leave the Nordstrom store until Thursday. I was furious. I then called the manager and told him I didn't appreciate being lied to and was finally provided compensation.

    So in other words, you should call and check on the status of your shipment ASAP. When you do be sure to speak with a manager and request a tracking number. If the bag has not yet shipped or didn't ship until late last week you can try requesting some sort of compensation. Good luck!
  5. Oh wow Melly, and that's within the US? That's a LONG LONG wait.
  6. that is truely ridiculous! Why lie!!?
  7. Melly, just curious :smile: what kind of compensation did you get? more discount on the bag?
  8. ^^^^Wow Melly, that is such a ridiculous wait! Doesn't seem like Nordstrom at all but at least you got compensation for the time you lost with your bags. :smile:
  9. Melly - that story is just insane! What a ridiculous amount of time to wait for that bag! I'm glad you were compensated by Nordstrom because their service was unacceptable.

    Good luck Joke in getting your bag!! Let us know what they say!!
  10. Yep, my package is defenitely being hold by customs :sad:. I can only hope they'll treat it with care.
    Now they wanna know what company I'm from etc., while I'm just a girl wanting to have a bag!!!
  11. Don't worry, I'm sure it'll get to you soon! Hope you get her soon - the Mayfair is absolutely gorgeous, lucky you!
  12. The compensation I received wasn't phenomenal but they paid for both of my MJ key chains (one Venetia and one Stam). :smile:
  13. I'm sorry they are holding your bag in customs. :sad: I hope you get it soon!
  14. Thank you!
    It's supposed to be here thursday afternoon, I'll post pics for sure on the MJ forum!
  15. I totally empathize with you! I'm still waiting for two bags that I ordered from the BE sale at the beginning of the month. :sad: One is being held for a customs audit and the other is who knows where...I'm so bummed as I was hoping to use one of them for an event this coming weekend!