1. Here is the issue....this past summer my bf bought me a whiskey Mandy at the Coach Galleria in Houston. The clerk offered signed signature for delivery. Well three days later FED EX showed up rang my doorbell and i signed for the bag......Now we purchased a clay gigi same store and signed signature on delivery...only when we traced the package, FEDEX said they left the box at the doorstep. No signed signature. We call Coach and they sent another bag. Well when the bag arrived it was in poor condition like it was a return. We went to the local store because we didn't like the bag, and wanted something else with more structure. We were told no because the gigi was a replacement of the one that supposeable arrived but was stolen. They treated us like criminals and wouldn't let us get a different bag. They told us they didn't know if we were lieing.....So all they could do was give us another clay gig. I argued with customer service and the manager.....Well didn't argue, just debated. In the past year we had spent over 30 thousand on handbags....lily, and three mirandas which one was the they were complete jerks...Well we turned around and sold the darn bag. But that was the last time we purchased a coach from our local store.....well for a while atleast....Oh yeah and when they say signature required for doesn't honor it....and coach shouldn't ask if you want it.
  2. First, I am really sorry for your dilema. That just sucks. I'd be angry too. I'm waiting on a package now that was delivered to my nasty neighbor. Anyway, I hope you aren't forever soured on Coach! Ok, so next, you have an alligator Miranda???? :amazed: :shocked: :wtf: Can you post pics? I would LOVE to see a pic of it!! :drool: LOL!
  3. Sorry to say, but that is standard procedure. If you get a replacement, you can't return it, only exchange it for the same bag in the same color. Same thing with other companies. I had that happen with Tiffany. I couldn't return it because it was a replacement.

    I would take up the beef with FedEx for leaving it, not Coach.
  4. Sorry this happened to you. This is why I have all of my bags delivered to the store and then I go pick them up.
  5. I'm sorry to hear about this .... :crybaby:

    But...please post pics of the Alligator Miranda!
  6. Ditto on this... plus it's one less package arriving at home that DH could discover & complain about!!