Shipping problem... Need advice...

  1. So I sold a Coach wristlet to a buyer in Canada a couple of weeks ago, and I got an email from her today that she went to go pick it up yesterday and it had been opened and the wristlet was missing. She said she was checking with her post office and asked me if the item was insured. I told her the item was insured and I will contact USPS, but does anyone know how USPS would handle this? I have only had to open one other claim so far, which was for a lost package. I'm thinking that customs opened it to inspect it and maybe decided to keep it for themselves. I've heard of customs stealing things. I totally believe her, and will refund her if necessary, but should this be handled by me and USPS, or her and Canadian Post?
  2. Wow! How awful!
    I have never had anything like that happen before, but I would start with your P.O and see where to go from there.
  3. It needs to be handled by you via USPS as that is who the insurance was purchased through.
  4. I just called USPS and they opened a claim. They said that my buyer has to contact Canada Post as well and let them know what happened. USPS said that once they receive verification from Canada Post about the item being missing, they will send out claim forms so that my buyer can be reimbursed. I have no problem refunding her, but USPS said that the check should really be made out to her. Luckily this buyer is being cool about the whole thing. I feel horrible!
  5. USPS needs to make the check out to you because she can still claim via Paypal and/or credit card, you need to receive the funds so you can pay her back through Paypal as proof that it has been sorted.