Shipping oversea

  1. Hello!! Please help me refresh my memory. I remembered reading through some posts and there were people saying even though BG or NM or some other sites do not ship internationally online, but if you do phone them, they will ship oversea. Am I completely off track or does anyone remember anything along this liine? Thanks!!
  2. yes that was me who posted that i'm from vancouver b.c canada and i order from them most of the time since our selection is pretty bad. where are you from??
    you just call the stores and they will ship it to you.
  3. Thank you, moe. I didn't read your thread earlier, so didn't know the send to Canada. That's great news.
  4. thank you moe!!! you are awesome!!
  5. but just curious.. how much does shipping cost? do you have to pay for custom/tax too?