shipping outside of the us

im thinking of expanding to shipping outside the us but i have no idea how. i want to expand my sales on ebay and was hoping for some advice on what to do to ship outside of the us. maybe help with experience shipping to canada and internationally. example of rates, postal services, etc. can you also require signature confirmation when shipping outside of the us? i require delivery confirmation of all my ebay sales and also use the money from the handling fees to pay for signature confirmation, no matter how small the item sent.


Bag Lover Downunder
Feb 6, 2008
USPS express is your best option, it will offer tracking number and signature confirmation. It's a great move, there are lots of reputable ebayers outside the US! Not sure to other parts of the world, but most packages to Australia via EMS cost around 50 dollars. Just use the postage calculator on the USPS website. :tup:


Jan 7, 2007
You can use USPS Global Express MAil, it has tracking number and insurance. Reach worldwide within 5-7 business days only even usually faster.

To find the rate, you can visit, fill the height, dimension of your item and country of destination :smile:


Aug 17, 2007
I prefer express as well, and you can print the labels up right on paypal. I use auctiva, so I just do it based on weight so I don't even have to think about the prices.
what about shipping to canada? can i use the same, usps global express mail

how do i add these services to my listing with the shipping wizard? i tried and usps global express mail doesnt show up. is there any other way or do i just have to search for rates and such

also, is shipping insurance the same rate or does it vary?