Shipping: out for delivery then nothing...

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  1. I just sold a Macbook on ebay. I took it to USPS and got insurance and a tracking number. On the 26th the tracking was updated with "out for delivery." The tracking hasnt been updated with tried for delivery but no one was home nothing. I know because of the amount of insurance on it someone will have to sign for it. The purchaser hasn't got the package and im starting to get worried. Help!!!
  2. Think you need to give it a couple more days....where was it going to?

    If you shipped it priority, it is 2 -3 days, sometimes a bit longer..
  3. It was shipped to Texas from Virginia. The status says that it made it to Texas and then was out for delivery. After that it just says that the delivery status hasnt been updated. I thought it would have been delivered the next day, but it wasnt...
  4. if the package was not scanned when they delivered it you won't see anything.
  5. You can always call the local post office in Texas. They usually will have more info than the usps website
  6. Well its supposed to be signed for, and the buyer is saying it hasnt been delivered. I hope they arent being dishonest.

    If i paid for insurance and the status stays like that, will i get my money for it?
  7. I sold an LV and the buyer wasn't home Tuesday. She said her daughter would be home Wednesday and rescheduled delivery. The status wasn't updated until yesterday around noon stating it had been delivered Wednesday. So just hold on.
  8. I have a package with the same thing; I tried calling the post office here, they told me to call the post office in the delivery town. I called but they never answered, so I called the USPS general number. They took my information and said they would email me within 24 hours. I'm still waiting and that was Tuesday. I sent a message to the buyer, and she said she was out of town. Argh.

    My package left my city on 20 September and got to their town and went out for delivery on 22 September @ 8:21 am, then shows that @ 22:21 pm it is "Delivery Status not updated." It's now the 28th.
  9. Did you purchase signature confirmation? USPS tells you that anything over $250 must be signed for but that is not true. I have had numerous items delivered that were highly insured and never signed for them.

    I hope everything works out.
  10. Well i insured the package for the price of the item which was $850. The lady told me that it would have to be signed for so i didnt buy it on top of that. I hope that they dont just leave it there without being signed for then! :sad:

    Maybe im jumping the gun by being worried so soon but it was such a large amount of money... Ive never had this happen.
  11. Oh gosh! Its been a while then! I hope everything works out for you
  12. The US postal workers are wrong. PayPal requires signature confirmation that can be viewed online, insured mail does not display online signature. You have to insure and purchase signature confirmation on top of that.
  13. I did have brand new dell computer from dell left at my door before :sad: I guess all you can do is wait or call their local usps to see if someone took it back w/o scanning, hope everything turns out ok and I love your profile pic :smile:
  14. While the postal clerk may know the facts for 'regular' postal business they aren't always up to speed on Ebay/PP policies.
    If you purchase insurance $250 or over the PO is supposed to automatically get a signature. However that signature is only viewable internally w/in the PO . To conform with Ebay/PP policies a seller must purchase separate Signature Confirmation. That separate SC is viewable online.
    This is where many postal employees (and not a few sellers) get confused.
  15. Oh gosh. I called the Texas post office, and apparently it was sent to a type of Renaissance Fair? With different booths and offices. The post office delivered it to the office and updated the tracking for me. The tracking now says that it has been delivered. It was not scanned because the ticket was crumbled they said? Heres the problem now, the buyer is saying that the office doesnt have the package. If they open a paypal dispute will i have to refund them? And be out the computer and 850?? Im freaking out because i did my part, sent it, and it was delivered there....