Shipping My miu miu to South Korea?

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  1. Ladies i dont know how I made any of my decisions before I joined TPF but Ive havent encountered any problems since then so it must be your suggestions:heart:

    I recieved a ? From a potential buyer in South Korea. Ive never shipped there before. And I have no intention of starting to ship there. This buyer has 1 neg npb, out of only 5 feedbacks. But I REALLY want to get this bag off my hands before my 11 day vaca at the end of the month. Even if I ship EMS with insurance there are still ways to be scammed (Im not picking on south korea peeps Im wary shipping anywear right now) Im torn because i have a big problem giving everyone the benefit of the doubt. What do you think?
  2. I am in a similar position. I just got a bid on a chloe bag from someone in china. I sent a message to her saying i cant ship to china because addresses not confirmed and no reply yet. Personally I wont do it. I just dont know if I can trust the postal service that end. I am sure they want great bags too but I am worried they may not get there...
  3. ugh postal service in asia still waiting on a package that left the US on Mar23 and the po has no idea where it is...they just keep saying they'll call me if it shows up...
  4. I gonna go with no
  5. Ugh... Make sure your buyer isn't someone with ID something sounding like "cawai" or what. She's trouble maker buyer :Push: I got some buyer from South Korea and unfortunately, 2 of them are evils, they kept threatened me, didn't want to understand internation shipment policy!

    South Korea has uncomfirmed address and check her feedback before you decide to sell to her.

    Buyer from Korea always ask to declare in low amount and ignore use insurance.
  6. She only has 5 fdback wich worry me i guess i would rather have the bag then no money and bag if something were to go wrong.
  7. I've shipped to South Korea, but the person had over 50 feedback. I wouldn't do it for someone with only 5.
  8. I'd be more concerned with her feedback than her location. I sell alot on eBay and have had MANY high-end bags and shoes go to clients in S. Korea without incident. They've been some of my best transactions.

    What's the neg for?
  9. I've shipped to Seoul without any problems. Then again I have had only 2 Korea sales for low value items so I can't generalize.

    Be careful about swaps though, South Korea makes excellent replicas, best in the world, they look exactly like the real thing, down to the labels, the warranty cards, serial nos., holograms, paperbag packaging, bag detailing, and very good workmanship. Replicas are easy to get, large department stores have them. Sometime ago I guy I used to work for went to Korea for business trip. He bought a Bree men's folio for $5 equivalent, from a major store. He didn't know Bree was a luxury goods brand until he got home.
  10. Maybe I've just been lucky but I haven't had any problems shipping to So. Korea in the past..I have done many times and everything has made it safe & sound and customers have been great...Of course you have to feel comfortable with doing so and also feel comfortable with the person you're dealing with!! Just make sure you check shipping costs since it's expensive...Good Luck with it!!