Shipping my Chanel bags from the US to Singapore..

  1. Anyone has any valuable information to contribute with regards to shipping Chanel bags from Saks/Neiman Marcus to Singapore?

    Have u been slapped with customs charges and sales tax? :confused1:

    TIA!! :flowers:
  2. Im sorry if this is in the wrong forum.. i have no idea where to post this.. :shame:
  3. I haven't had a bag shipped into Singapore but I did have an expensive Pram. The store I ordered from didn't charge any sales tax but I did have to pay a small amount of Customs/GST upon delivery (from the Singapore customs end) - it was around 5% so was still pretty cheap. Also, I had another large order that was untaxed upon delivery.

    I'd expect to be taxed, might be a nice suprise if you're not :flowers:
  4. i asked dhl the same question when i wanted to buy my chloe bags and they said it would be taxed prevailing GST.
  5. i think anything above $400, you'll incur GST.
  6. I once had my camera DHL-ed to my family in Singapore for Repair.
    They were charged GST upon receiving the parcel in Singapore.

    Dad said I should have mis-declare the value. :p

    Maybe at a lower declared value, you pay no or lesser tax.
  7. Thank you all for your information..:flowers: :flowers: looks like i have to expect tax on my purchases.. lol just needed to confirm so that my mom wont be too shocked when she receives it on my behalf (im not in singapore yet) :yes: