shipping mistakes.

  1. i won these super cute coach pumps and they should have been here on friday. but i got an email, saying she got these pumps and some rainboots mixed up- and that the person who got my shoes is sending them to me and i need to send the rainboots to this girl. she said she'll pay for the shipping.
    but, the thing is, i NEED these pumps by this weekend. that's the whole reason i got them. i understand mistakes happen, but what happens if i don't get them by the time i leave for my trip? should it be a negative?
    and should i wait until she sends me the money for the additional shipping before i send those shoes to the other person? or should i be nice and not worry about it?
  2. I'd be nice, but wait until you receive the money for shipping. Also how does the seller know that the other buyer is going to go through the hassle of sending you the shoes? Do you know who is sending the shoes to you? I'd ask the seller to give you her contact info so you can be more sure that you'll get your shoes.
  3. Yea that is smart, but hopefully you won't run into privacy issues.
  4. I know its frustrating for you, but it sounds like an honest mistake on the sellers part. I'm sure she was mortified that she did that and she is probably really worried that her honest mistake will result in neg feedback. I hope you get your shoes ok and your refund. Its an incovenience for all 3 of you, I'm sure it will work out.

    Last week I got to the PO to mail a box to a buyer and something didnt seem right with the address on it. So there in line I pulled out my copy of the auction and I printed the wrong one. I was getting ready to ship a Balenciaga to Australia when it should have gone to NY! Caught it in time and went home to re label. ~phew~
  5. i have no doubt it's a mistake...stuff happens.
    but it sucks when you might not get something in time for what you ordered it for. that's the ONLY reason i'm upset. normally, i am the easiest person in the world to get along with on ebay.
    and she just sent me an email with the persons addy that i need to ship the boots to...hmm...
  6. now she's saying i should have received these wrong shoes by now, since the other girl got my shoes...
    i feel like she's accusing me of stealing these shoes. good grief, i wear a 9 and these shoes are a 6! why would i steal THOSE?!
    can i be held responsible if i don't get the pair of (wrong) shoes that are supposed to be sent elsewhere?
  7. It happens. I did that once. I sold two watches and got the addresses mixed up. It all worked out and everyone was nice about it.
  8. Sending good karma vibes!
    Hope you get those pumps soon!
    Keep us in the loop!:sweatdrop:
  9. just got this email:
    "I don't know what happened with the boots not getting to you, they were sent priority. There is no reason they should not have arrived. Also, Your shoes should be arriving tomorrow from the other buyer. If the boots have arrived, I would appreciate kindly if you would send them out rather than keep them. Should you do that, I must ask you pay for them"
    why would i keep a pair of shoes that is 3 sizes too small?!
  10. I;m sure it will all work out! I had something similar happen as a seller and it worked out!