Shipping internationally

  1. Need a little help. I no longer ship out of the US b/c I got burned bad once before with a chargeback. I currently have a Chanel bag for sale and a buyer wants me to ship to Singapore and she's claiming it's safe since her Paypal account is verified. I'm fairly certain that's not the case (that I'd be covered w/ Paypal), but I still wouldn't take Paypal on this (worried about another chargeback). If I were to sell her the bag, what is it safe for me to take? Bank transfer? Western union? I have no experience with anything other the Paypal. Any advice? Thanks ladies!
  2. Well, if she wires the money I don't believe she can do any sort of chargeback.

    If you do sell it to her, I'd advise sending it USPS Global Express, which is currently the only way you can get a tracking number for international.
  3. FedEx, UPS and DHL will all give you international express shipping with tracking. USPS Global Express is good but you need to find out if the package will end up in the Singapore post office or directly with the recipient (in some countries you can only track until you reach the port of destination, then you need to rely on the local postal system).

    Wire transfers are good - once the money is there, there is no taking it back. You can also check out BidPay.
    Good luck!
  4. I would avoid Paypal if possible and stick with wire transfer, WU, or Bidpay. Definitely use EMS and keep the tracking for at least 6 months(window allowed for chargebacks). If her feedback is good, then I would allow her to bid using only the safe methods of payment.