Shipping insurance?

  1. There was an item I just purchased and I am almost positive it didn't say anything about shipping insurance on the screen where I go to pay.
    The seller mentioned it when they gave me my tracking number.

    Is this a bad sign or something? Like why would they point it out anyways? I know I didn't add it, but I am almost positive it wasn't there to add... (and if it' is, I ALWAYS add it.) I'm going to let them know I am aware I didn't add it, but it was only because it wasn't there to add and that maybe they don't realize it's not coming up?

    Thanks for any advice. It's for a clothing item being shipped via USPS.
  2. Insurance protects the seller. You ae not responsible for insurance. Paypal requires the seller to insure their items.

    I never pay for insure when I buy. I ALWAYS insure when I sell.

    I wouldn't worry about it.
  3. ^^I agree, as a seller I insure everything, it is included in the cost of shipping. As a buyer I leave it to the seller to insure or not.
  4. Would you happen to know what insurance does exactly, like shipping and handling, is that "handling" basically the same as something being insured? Like if it gets lost in the mail too, is it ok?

    I haven't said anything to them yet, how should I word it? I don't want to make it seem like I did it on purpose or anything and just in case for them, I don't want them to run with my money and say it got lost in the mail and it's only my fault for not insuring it... I'm so sure the option wasn't even there though!
  5. They probably just automatically included the cost of insurance into your shipping charge. Don't worry about it... if they wanted more for insurance they would have told you.
  6. How did you pay? If you paid with paypal you are fine, if it gets "lost" you just file an INR with paypal and they will have to refund your money. Just tell them you don't need insurance (if you paid with paypal) If you paid by money order or check you may want to consider the insurance.

    It is the sellers responsibility to get the item to you as it is described in the listing. Even if they say "we aren't responsible for the item once we ship it", it won't hold water with paypal.
  7. Did they say insurance was extra? Or did they say they were shipping it with insurance?

    I ship mine w/delivery confirm & insurance for my items over a certain amount for my protection - not the buyers. It's included in the flat shipping cost listed on my auctions. It is not optional or negotiable. If they want to ship it insured & it doesn't cost you any more than what's listed in the auction for shipping then I don't see a problem.
  8. I think the seller should insure everything, it is included in the cost of shipping. buyer I leave it to the seller to insure or not.

    I agree

  9. Same with me. I insurse everything over $20. It is the seller's responsibility to get the item to you or refund your money.