Shipping & Insurance

  1. I don't know if this is covered somewhere else, but what is the best system for mailing a sold Hermes bag within the United States?
    And how much including insurance would it be?
    Many thanks for any info you have guys.

  2. My vote goes to UPS. I went through this recently. UPS is not cheap, but you can insure for the full amount, you can track it constantly, and you can also have an adult sign. You also have options as to how fast you want it there and whatever you choose may save you some money.

    FedEx is not fully insurable through them. You must purchase insurance from a separate company. Fed Ex insures or covers only up to $100. Yes, so true. I went through a long conversation with Fed Ex, so you have risk if by chance the bag is lost. Of course they track and are a great company, but it is the insurance aspect.

    You can go USPS and fully insure, but IMO they are a bit sloppy with packages. I have known cases where packages have been opened and decent amount of loss. I have heard of this through people I know and also from workers at the postal service.
  3. ^ USPS only insures to $5k
  4. There is a rule of $5K insurance at a UPS substation because that is where I went and I remember him saying something like that. I am not sure if you go to a main UPS facility that is might be a different story. I would look into that if I were you. Funny though, the UPS guy told me he ships alot of diamonds, rolexes etc. and that is more than $5K on many accounts.

    If it is $5K across the board, you then need to go with your next best option.
  5. I typically use Fedex to ship bags within the US and internationally. I have shipped and insured up to $10K for bags shipped. So far, I've had no problems at all (knock on wood...)

    For more valuable items, I still ship through Fedex but use a 3rd party insurance.
  6. Thank you so much for the info. but still am not sure how much it will cost to ship a $9 - 10 K bag from New York to L. A.
    Anybody know?
    Thanks again, in advance.
  7. ^^^Last time I shipped something at that price level by UPS, I think it was $200, maybe more. I don't know the ins and outs of insurance with UPS. I know FEDEX won't ship antiques, so I always have to go with UPS.

    I've always been able to get an estimate from "calculate time and shipping cost" on their website.
  8. I've used UPS at the MAIN FACILITY connected to the airport and insured up to $10,000.

    I've used FedEx, and insured up to $10,000.

    Don't know from LA to NY how much insurance would cost, but you can give these places a call or maybe go on line. My FedEx here is VERY helpful. UPS sometimes has people that don't really know or care what happens to your package unless you are at a MAIN FACILITY.

    Good Luck!
  9. Wait a minute. shopmom posted before that any item declared of a certain value needs to be reported to IRS!
  10. I've shipped/insured with FedEx up to 6k with no was around 85 for next day delivery
  11. All Hermes stores use FedEx. FedEx will insure a package up to $50,000. I've sent several packages valued over $10k from my H store (i'm the shipping manager) with no problems. I can't help you with a rate as we have a corporate account but you can get on FedEx and get a quote... just enter in the package weight, dimensions and value.
  12. ^^^ Also, when I've had a question about a package day of delivery or wished to speak to the driver, UPS has always been a bit convoluted - leave message with operator, they send to dispatcher, dispatcher sends to driver. Many of my phone request have been "resolved" only to have the driver do the opposite of the request anyway.

    Yesterday, I had FedEx stop by and leave a notice at my door - when I was home waiting for the package! It was a different driver and she knocked on my window or some strange thing! So I called in a panic and asked the operator to ask the driver to please come - immediately! Operator connected me to "customer advocate center." I thought, "Oh, this will be great! Ha! Advocate Center! Right!" But she was truly an advocate! Imagine!

    That brill woman listened with great sensitivity, assured me she would indeed have the driver return, asked if I minded holding a moment, got the driver on the line and got back to me asking if I would be home within a 2 hour window (which of course I said Yes). I was MOST impressed. VERY unlike my experience with UPS.

    (Plus my UPS delivery is always at 6:30 pm! Who wants to wait for delivery All Day???)

    I'm going with FedEx from now on. If it's good enough for Hermes, it's good enough for me.
  13. I only have good things to say about Fedex. I know the original post is asking about shipping in the US but I thought to mention that for anyone wishing to send an expensive item to Asia, use Fedex. UPS outsources their local delivery services to the local postal service and when it comes to tracking the whereabouts of a package, the information ends at the handoff to the local service. And if the postman comes around, and the person is not home, you won't even be notified that there is a failed delivery until 2 days later, would a reminder be sent through the post.

    For best international door to door, use Fedex.
  14. on time, every time.

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  15. All I can tell you is FedEx is great and delivers on time, BUT I went to the main facility and I live in a large city and was given the info I posted. They do not insure your package, so don't be mislead. I had called and spoke with several FedEx people prior to going to my main facility and I was shocked to find that out. I always thought they insured. I was told you can insure via third party. You must call and give the info. on the phone to this 3rd party and pay them for insurance via cc...they give you a code to place on the package and blah, blah, blah. I was not comfortable with this.

    I believe that possibly large companies work out deals with FedEx where insurance is incorporated on their shipments, but for the little guy...I question it. Don't assume...find the facts. Maybe the people I spoke with are incorrect, but don't assume you are insured with FedEx. Their packages do arrive prompt...that I don't is the insurance that I do.