shipping insurance on a bag? how do you do that?

  1. Okay so I'm selling my first "big" bag on eBay and i got a question about shipping insurance:

    "[FONT=Arial, Verdana]can you offer shipping insurance on this bag? how much would it be to have it covered up to the value of $xxx.xx?"

    how do i do that?

    I don't mean to ask a dumb question, but i've never shipped a bag and don't know how to insure a bag.

    i guess what i really wanna know is what's the cheapest way of doing that (like through FedEx, UPS, or just USPS).

    any help is appreciated.

    and for calculating purposes, the bag is around 600
  2. I usually ship USPS, when you go to the post office just tell them how much you want to insure it for and they'll add it on. I insured something for $875 the other day and it was like $9 to insure. So it shouldn't cost that much. I think UPS has free insurance up to a certain amount and you pay after that. USPS is probably the cheapest.

    If you go to the USPS site and use their postage calculator, click extra services and it'll let you calculate insurance too :smile:
  3. ^^ thanks ^^

    i totally thought it was harder than that
  4. ^I sold my Bal bag on eBay, and had to insure it for 849$, and USPS charged me $10. If your going to the post office, just ask to have the package insured, and the cashier will do the rest.
  5. If you're selling an expensive item, it may be worth it for your own protection to insure the item. I always do for any bags over $200. Definitely get a signature confirmation for anything over $250.
  6. ^^ Definitely, never skimp on insurance!
  7. I keep a little chart right at my desk with the rates of insurance on them. You can tick the box in the shipping area on eBay to make insurance optional and that allows the bidder to add it. It would be based on the final cost of the item.
  8. If you are shipping a high-price item, never save on insurance. Here is the link of USPS insurance rate:

    You could edit your listing to make insurance is required, or just add it into the total shipping fee.
  9. always remember to keep details of the item you sold , if its like the U.K you have to prove how much was paid for it , and always make sure its in a solid box , if you do ever need to claim on the insurance you will need all the help you can get - from experience , took 6 months to sort , by which time payment info wiped off !