shipping insurance, listed as optional

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  1. i'm new to selling on ebay but not at buying, lol. after hearing the problems in this forum regarding shipping and stuff, can i send invoices out to my buyers with the shipping as required? i listed it in my auction as optional (not going to do that anymore, gotta require it). basically, the question is: can i later require buyers to pay for shipping insurance even though i listed it as optional in my listing?
  2. I would pay for the insurance myself and, in the future, include it in the S & H cost. For a few extra dollars, its not worth the worry about sending an uninsured package.
  3. yea i think i'll do that. i didnt say it was required so i cant really blame them if they dont want it. ill just pay a couple of bucks myself for my own piece of mind.
  4. :tup::tup::tup:
  5. You can revise your listing right now and make insurance required.
  6. In your listing, you could either mark insurance is required, or just quote the shipping with insurance included.
  7. the auction already ended so i couldnt revise my listing. i tried with my other ones but the ones that were ending soon couldnt be revised either. just the ones that didnt have any bids on them. im just planning on paying for insurance myself.
  8. I would pay for this one, since you did say it was optional. In the future make it required.
  9. Better safe than sorry. :smile: