Shipping insurance -- anyone know specific rates or which carrier is cheapest?

  1. Hi -- I am trying to find the info online but have not been successful. Does anyone know the rates per $100 for USPS, UPS, DHL, or FedEx? Thanks!
  2. I *think* UPS automatically insures your first $50 free.
    It's $2.60 to insure $100 w/ USPS I think, I could be .10 off though - it's very minimal.

    Maybe someone know sthe others or I'll try to see.
  3. Actually, I think $100 insurance is covered on UPS.
  4. Thanks Swanky! I want to ship two bags back for an exchange to Balenciaga NY valued at $2K so am trying to figure out the cheapest way to do that. The USPS website shows only up to $500.
  5. ^that's right, USPS only insures up to $500.
    I was thinking you meant for $100 max, I didn't read it fully!
  6. i think i wasn't clear, sorry
  7. It depends on where you are sending the package too. USPS domestic is $2.30 for up to $100

    I know last time I sent a package with UPS it covered insurance up to $50 but it may have gone up to $100. Again that was for domestic US shipping.
  8. it is domestic. i just know last time i shipped with DHL or something, they said it was something like $0.70 per $100 if it is over $100. I just wanted to compare carriers.

  9. UPS covers up to $100 and then it says you need to get insurance from a third party
  10. Thanks! I guess then I am not looking for insurance so much as who charges the cheapest rate per $100 of declared value.

    This helps:

    Maybe now I need to see if I can find the same for DHL and FedEx. Wonder if the others charge $0.50 per $100 as well?

    Just found this for DHL:

    Shipment Value Protection (Ground)
    DHL will, upon the shipper’s request (as indicated on the waybill), provide Value Protection coverage at
    a cost of $0.70 per $100.00 of coverage, with a minimum of $1.20. Shipper requests for Shipment
    Value Protection over $50,000.00 per shipment must be pre-approved by DHL. You may contact DHL
    Customer Service at (800) 225-5345. See the Claims and Liability section of this document for
    additional details on Shipment Value Protection.
  11. I've found the cheapest way to send within the US insured is the USPS. I had to ship a bag back to BNY and sent it usps priortity, insured for $1340 and the cost was approx $26. Hope this helps

    The USPS site has a postage calculator. Just enter the approx weight, the to/from zip codes and it will walk you thru the pricing, including adding the insurance.
  12. i think using fedex or ups ground is good enough cuz the tracking is really good. when i ship expensive items on ebay i just buy signature confirmation and its 1.45 or something like that.
  13. Thanks! I actually just did this with FedEx and from Chicago to BNY it is $13.50 and UPS is like $18.00. I am going to go to the Kinkos store now and confirm the price. That is not so bad. I thought it would be more like $20.
  14. Last time I sent something worth $2k, I priced USPS, UPS, and FedEx.

    To my surprise the lowest total shipping plus insurance cost was offered by FedEx.