Shipping H Goodies From Paris

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  1. Can someone enlighten me about shipping my future H goodies from Paris? I know that if I buy something from H while in Paris and have it shipped then I do not have to detaxe and will not be charged VAT in the store. Can someone tell me how much it costs to ship, how long it does it usually take to reach the US from Paris and are there any fees that will have to be paid once it arrives into US customs? Thank you.
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    It depends on what you buy. Shipping can range from 100 to 300 euros for each item. Tax of 10% is deducted immediately, but you will pay custom tax when the goods enter your country.
  3. Thanks TammyD. Do you know what percentage US customs charge and how long it takes to ship from Paris to the US? I am thinking that it may be advantageous for me to just carry the bags myself. I just didn't want to have to leave a Birkin or Kelly in my suitcase in the hotel.
  4. Is it true that if I make a purchase at the FSH shop I can ask hem to ship the goods to my home address for a fee and also having the 10% tax rebate deducted at the same time?
  5. Not sure about custom tax for US but shipping is around 4 to 5 days.

    And yes, it's definitely more advantageous to hand carry the bag back from Paris :smile:
  6. The fee is the shipping charge which I talked about above. And yes, tax is deducted rightaway.
  7. would this apply to SOs made in Paris? I'll be placing mine in November when I'm in town, but likely won't fly back to pick up my order. Having the tax deducted when shipped would be lovely.
  8. Ooh! Good question. I was going to try to do a SO if I couldn't find my Birkin.
  9. TammyD you are a wealth of knowledge! Thanks for all your input!

    By the way, if the item is shipped only 10% tax (similar to detaxe amount) is deducted right away correct? 4 to 5 days to ship to US....that's fast. If I choose this option I will definitely have to tell them to hold it for 1 week before they ship so I can make sure to be home when my baby arrives :smile:
  10. You mean PO (podium order), not SO (special order), right?

    But answer is Yes to both. You DON'T need to collect personally. They can ship anywhere in the world with 10% detaxe deducted. However, please remember that you do have to pay custom taxes when the item enters your country.
  11. TammyD podium order is just for a "basic" leather/color that's still available to order and a special order is if you want contrasting lining, etc right? If so I would like to do a SO, if I am able to, for a 30 cm Birkin in Blue Jean with Vert Anis lining, straps? and handle or a rose shocking or Fuschia with violet lining. I would pass out if a SA in Paris allowed me to place this order :faint:
  12. Does anyone have any idea what the Customs Tax would be if bringing a Birkin (30 or 35 non exotic for example) back into the US? (either bringing it with you or having it shipped).
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  14. Information for US Customs, including duties and taxes, may be found on their website. I did a search a couple of years ago, and the details were all there.
  15. Thanks Roxane.