Shipping GD to the US -- UPDATE

  1. There has been some discussion on the PF of late regarding how us poor ladies in the US who want a Gerard Darel bag can get one. Several folks have posted numbers for the GD boutiques in Paris, and suggested that we call.

    I just wanted to let you know that my husband just called Paris on my behalf (my b'day is coming up). The GD stores had exactly the purse I wanted (blue Charlotte 24). Unfortunately, they do not ship to the US. It appears that I am, at least for the moment, out of luck.

    I wanted to save the rest of you the same time and trouble.

    If any of you genius PFers have any other ideas, let 'em rip! Otherwise, I'll continue to ponder other routes for getting those dang purses to us yankees!

    C'est la vie!
  2. I am sorry that they won't ship...but wanted to say what a nice hubby you have!
  3. Thank you for this! You saved me the time and embarrassment of trying to call and speak to them!

    The only ways I know of are Bergdorf Goodman and that small boutique in Redondo Beach, CA- Belisimo.
  4. There are a couple of other stores as well, but BG had none, and Bellisimo had only black. My obsession continues!:shame:
  5. thanks for this! What a nice husband :smile:
  6. which shade of blue are you looking for? if you are looking for perwinkle blueish color, it is my understanding that holt renfrew (ottawa and calgary?) in canada may carry them
  7. Hi, Essential. I am looking for the periwinkle, but neither Holt Renfrew had them and only one (Ottawa, I think) ships to the US. I'll try and call them again over the next few days. If I have any luck, I will let you all know.

  8. I even tried to bid for GD bags on Unfortunately, none of the sellers are willing to ship to the US, even though I said I would pay up for postage. Good luck, ladies!
  9. The Ottawa Holt Renfrew did have a periwinkle bag at the beginning of the season... I saw it there myself! I know that they have got black and camel currently.
  10. great husband
  11. Keep calling BG, that is where I bough mine from and, at the time, they had periwinkle. Or, with such a sweet husband, how about a trip to Paris?!!;)