shipping FYI

  1. No USPS service on Monday AND Tuesday...

    December 29, 2006 | 01:03PM PST/PT
    Tuesday, January 2nd has been designated as a National Day of Observance in honor of Former President Gerald Ford, who passed away on December 26. All federal government agencies will be closed.
    If you are engaged in an eBay transaction, please note that the United States Postal Service will have no
    regular mail delivery or retail service that day, and will resume normal services on Wednesday, January 3rd.
  2. oh right. thank you for reminding me. gives me an extra day on the thing i sold. lol. i so did not feel like going to the po on tues. though now it will be a madhouse on wed.
  3. Thanks Swanky!
  4. I'm so disappointed lol, i was expecting two packages Tuesday, now it won't be until Wednesday and I have to hope my DH hears the maillady when she comes!
  5. I e-mailed all my buyers and made sure they were aware the PO was closed Mon & Tues...
  6. I made sure to ship everything out yesterday so it wouldn't delay longer than it already will.
  7. Many thanks for the reminder!!! Expecting some items but will just have to wait a little longer. But I love my postman and hope he enjoys his days off.
  8. Looks like FedEx and UPS are on their regular schedules. I hope so. I've got 4 or 5 deliveries I'm expecting on Tuesday/Wednesday.

    Actually, I pity my poor letter carrier. After three straight days of no mail delivery, she'll be out until midnight on Wednesday delivering all the mail that's accumulated!! :wtf:
  9. Thanks for that Heads up. I had no idea. I have 4 packages I was going to take to the Post Office on Tuesday.
  10. glad I could help:cutesy:
  11. Thanks for the info!
  12. Thanks for the info. Now I MUST be patient as I anticipate a new arrival from NM.
  13. _________________________________________________________ I hope this is true I also have 2 Packages I'm expecting..(Fedex..UPS) I hate waiting but I love getting...Sooooooooo....Thank you for the information
  14. UPS is definitely working (I've got a package on the truck for delivery according to the website), so I assume FedEx is as well.