Shipping from USA to Singapore?

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  1. Anyone ever shipped a bag there and if so how much did you charge for shipping? Thanks.
  2. I shipped to Singapore several weeks ago....easier than I thought. The package I shipped contained two handbags so it was a little heavier (7 lb.). Using Global Express Mail the cost was $55.40 total, which included $475 insurance coverage. All you have to do is fill out the customs declaration form.
  3. more may want to bump up your charge to the customer. I didn't, but that was because she and I had become friendly through emails after she first contacted me about bidding on my handbags. She was so sweet, I just chose not to charge her anything extra. What I quoted you before was the exact shipping cost.
  4. Hmmm, what would you suggest for only one bag?
  5. I am certainly no eBay expert, so I would be reluctant to advise you. There are many eBay sellers on tPF who have a lot of experience shipping internationally. Hopefully, one of them can suggest a rate for you. I will say this....from looking at other eBay auctions, I've noticed some sellers list $40-$50 as a flat rate. My buyer wasn't the least bit concerned about the cost in that she felt she was getting such a deal compared to what she would have paid for the same bags in Singapore.
  6. I'm usually quoted $35 ++ for a normal size bag ^^

    And great!! Another seller who's willing to ship to Singapore.

  7. I heard that USPS is the best choice when shipping international. Last time I shipped a package to Asia and it took only 4 or 5 days. Other companies tend to charge more.
  8. I ship from Asia to USA by EMS ( Global Express Mail ), for something such Cherry Blossom Papillon ( with hard box ), they cost me $ 40 but when I shipped LV Epi Nocturne PM, they cost me $60 ( :shocked: )