shipping from the states after ebay win


Aug 13, 2008
I won an auction in the states, im in Australia. Its for a Chloe bag, seller is telling me the shipping has skyrocketed to the price of gold. What are your thoughts. I bought a bag from Yoogies closet 2 weeks ago and they ship for free, i have paid from $40 to $65 in the past for shipping.
""I went to ship your item today, which is within 3 days of
auction end as promised; however, when I got to UPS today, I found out that
the online shipping tool had miscalculated the shipping when I previously
estimated it, which is why I only charged $30 for the shipping. I would
have to end up paying $200 more than I thought for the shipping.
Unfortunately, I would have not agreed to the shipping had I known how much
it was going to be. The clerk at the UPS store stated that the online
shipping tool often miscalculates.

I am really sorry about this. I am
willing to provide up to $40 of shipping costs as I normally do with my US
domestic buyers, which would mean that your shipping would be $237, or $207
Otherwise, I am willing to provide you with a full refund, cancel
the transaction, and provide a huge apology for the inconvenience. If you
would like a refund, I hope you will agree to a cancellation request via
eBay that we have mutually agreed to cancel the transaction.

I am
truly sorry for the misunderstanding and I hope you understand.

I look
forward to hearing from you.""


Jul 31, 2009
Wow! OVer $200 to ship!!!
Well, I would probably agree to cancel the transaction. I wouldn't want to hold a seller to that kind of cost, and it sounds like an honest mistake. Her email was very nice and apologetic, too.


Jan 26, 2007
Whoa, over $200 to ship with UPS?
Yes, like noshoepolish said, tell your seller to please ship it with USPS Express.

I shipped expensive items from time to time from US to my family in Europe, with USPS Express fully insured (just in case the items get lost or something) fully insured up to $1000 worth of items, I paid less than $ 100 each time.


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Oct 5, 2009
I think the seller is honest with you. When I was checking shipping cost to Australia from US last year, I was shocked how high it was by UPS and Fedex. Even by EMS, it was almost $100 sending a bag.

I felt bad for both of you that the UPS calculator did a crappy job. When I miscalculate a shipping cost, I just eat that cost and just send it to a buyer. But in this case, it's too much. Even by EMS, $30 shipping is too low.

I hope you will find a good way for both of you!


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May 26, 2008
I am based in Southeast Asia. For my most recent purchase (an LV bag in full leather), I initially wanted to ship via FEDEX as USPS has been giving me a lot of problem lately with missent and delayed parcels. The cost was slightly over USD300. The same bag cost only $60 to ship via USPS Express Mail with full insurance. Needless to say, I opted for USPS as the price difference wsa simply too huge.

But of course, the downside is I am still waiting for my bag 3 weeks after shipping date :sad: With FEDEX, I would have been using the bag happily for the past 2 weeks at least!


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Sep 21, 2006
Had the same problem last month with an item to Australia via UPS they wanted USD300 to ship.:confused1: I ended up shipping USPS Express Mail Insured for USD104 and it was not a small package either. Ask the seller if they would reconsider and ship it via USPS Express Mail instead. Since the package will not be as large as mine it will also be less expensive.


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Feb 25, 2007
Tell her to use USPS Express Mail, not UPS. YOu will have to pay a brokerage fee if she uses UPS.

I am showing Express Mail, 18x12x12 box, insured for $1000 is about $80 from US to AUS.
^^^ True. UPS and Fedex are absolutely ridiculous! I only use them for very large and very expensive packages within the US and even then, it's between $50 and $80. I don't want to think what international shipping would be!