Shipping from Singapore?

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  1. I am interested in a bag from Singapore....I emailed the seller and asked her if there are any customs fees to worry about. She replied that she's never had a problem, she marks it as a gift with a value of $20. This sounds shady to me.....any advice???
  2. I'd worry about if it never shows up and she's only declared 20.00 is that all you can get back?
  3. I just bought an high-end bag from Singapore. I didn't ask the seller to mark down its value. I just received the bag and its value was marked as an used bag of value $90. The shipping is extremely fast, even faster than some shipment domastic.
  4. It seems like a lot of buyers ask sellers to claim bags as used and for a lower value, so maybe she thinks she's doing you a favor? I've definitely had people ask if I'll do it when I'm selling bags.
  5. My Hong Kong sellers always do like that, too :smile:
  6. the customs fees are imposed by your own country. so, find out what your country's customs duties/tax rate is and depending on your item's price, you'll be able to decide if you want to the seller to declare the full value and insure it for that amount.
  7. Singapore, Japan and HongKong's mail system is very reliable... I wouldnot worry about it... marking down as a gift is actually adantageous on your side as a Buyer since you will pay less custom fee.
  8. How much is the bag going for? Seller is just how shall I put it... ignorant? She's placing herself in a difficult position. If you don't receive the bag and file a dispute, she will stand to lose. If customs happens to check your package and revalue it, she will get into legal trouble for undervaluing item, since her return address appears on packaging, and you might end up having to pay tax after all.
  9. The seller is trying to help you avoiding custom fees..Normally, buyer asks the seller to declare the item as "gift" and value less than $50..

    If the item got lost in mail, you can always claim w/ paypal

    So , it's actually ur advantage and it's at seller's risk because she only declared the item for $20. She can't claim the insurance at actual value

    Hope it helps

  10. In my eyes shes just trying to help you, it seems to be the case for many singaporean sellers that I encountered; I had purchased an item that would cost around 980 USD and the seller had only claimed 150SGD and on used status. It makes it a lot cheaper through customs.
  11. yep if she only declares $20 thats all you can claim back if it gets lost. Dont do it for anything that is of any value to you! If you loose it you pretty much loose everything. As much as i dislike customs charges sometimes its better to pay them than loose your item x
  12. Thanks for all your's a $1200 bag, and she has experience selling LV, so it's not that I don't trust her, but gaaaahhh, if my package got lost, I'd only be able to claim $20? My stomach hurts just *thinking* about that!!
  13. The devil and the deep blue sea.. would you rather risk losing $1200 or risk paying tax?