shipping from home/Paypal,

  1. hi, there might have been similiar threads to this but I didn't find one that answered all my questions so I hope someone can help me out, thanks in advance.

    i read the post about digital scales so i'm considering setting up a home mailing system, but I have no idea how it works. I understand there are several options out there, if you have used either one or know anything about it, please let me know.

    I always see offers for free scales, supplies, etc and it seems like such a wonderful deal, but is it really all that great? I know that PB charges a a $19 monthly fee, what is the monthly fee for I read somewhere that some places make you responsible for damages on their scales which can run up to several hundred dollars, so after you cancel your service with them, you have to send the scale back?

    Paypal postage

    I know theres an option on paypal to buy postage , does anyone know how that works? Do i buy my own personal scale and buy postage off off paypal,what about the shipping labels, will any lexmark lable be ok?
  2. I bought a scale off eBay. I weigh my package and print it off and tape it to the package. You can also print priority packages on

    If you use the flat rate boxes, you don't need a scale. I only use the flat rate boxes if the item is more than 2lbs.
  3. With Paypal it's super easy; you weigh your package and print the shipping label using, AFAIK, any sort of paper or label (I just print them on regular paper and cut out and tape on, lol, but then, I don't ship much). However, I think you can only use Paypal to pay for shipping if someone has sent you money (that is, I don't know of a way to use Paypal to print a shipping label to send a gift, for example). There are no fees to use Paypal shipping and more options that the USPS online service.
  4. I just used paypal to ship something via usps. I had been using click n ship through but paypal is easier. And the buyer gets the tracking information automatically that way.
  5. I'm another paypal shipper - it is really easy, buying Delivery Confirmation is much cheaper than in the Post Office, and if anything goes wrong, Paypal already have the delivery information on their files. There are a few things you can't use it for - international delivery if it is under a certain weight (unless you want to ship express) and APO delivery, but for nearly everything else its brilliant.
  6. wow thanks so much everyone!! i'm definitely going to try PB and isn't really worth it, good thing i didn't buy it yet! thanks so much again!..
  7. I have shipped loads of stuff and Paypal is the way to go. Also, for any items not paid through Paypal (say you wanted to return something you ordered and it didn't fit) just set up an account online with USPS.Com and you can pay by credit card. You can obtain all the normal services that is offered except anything over $500.00 you have to go to the Post office to purchase additional insurance. I use it all the time for everything. Then of course you can schedule your pick ups and never have to leave the house. I also set up one with UPS.Com. Feel free to ask any questions if I didn't explain it clearly.:smile:
  8. oh yeah, I totally forgot about what to do after postage is paid for, so I can drop it off at the post office or schedule a pick up?? how accurate are the pick up times? do you usually schedule them in the morning? afternoon? etc? thanks in advance!!
  9. I don't really see what the point of is either! I just ran a search on it because I also saw a "trial offer," but I don't see what kind of service or convenience that they really provide.
  10. You can schedule a PU before 2 AM eastern time IF you have at least 1 Priority Mail package.
  11. I do everything through and it is cheaper than Paypal.
  12. HI!
    I got my scale at Costco, $19.00 works great.
    Via pay pal you could pay for stamps, print them and track your package. EASY !!!!
    They will pick up your items when the postman deliver their daily route where you live.
  13. I use Click n' Ship at, but it stinks that you can't print first class postage, only priority and express. Does anyone know if there are any other services that allow you to print first class other than paypal?
  14. I bought my digital scale from for $39 but they are also sold at Office Max and Office Depot.
  15. Yes, no chance of miscopying the address when you use the Paypal shipping but if you sold the item somewhere else and Paypal wasn't the payment method then give a try.

    The only thing that sucks with both Paypal and shipping is the $500 insurance limit. I pay for the postage online and then still have to go to the P.O. inside to get the insurance.