shipping from france- question/ help please!

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  1. hi. this has never happened to me before. i bought something from france. paid 20 euros for shipping. it was sent on the 14th. i still have not recieved it (i live in ny btw). should i be worried. the seller sent me a tracking number but i can't figure out how to track it. supposedly it was sent La Poste - Colissimo International. does anyone know what this means? thanks!
  2. I believe LaPoste is the mail service in France.

    Were you able to get a tracking number from the seller?
    Perhaps you could ask this seller to track for you?

    BTW, I hope the seller wasn't moda-da.
  3. it wasn't.

    yes i got a tracking number but i can't track it. i asked the seller to but they just keep telling me the same number. sigh.
  4. i asked the seller if they could track it from their end and this was the email i got back:

    Hello, if you have news, to prevent me. Me I get information French side. Document joint: document in proof of forwarding. Cordially.

    can anyone please explain what they mean? thanks.
  5. Get them to write to you in French and I'll translate it for you.
  6. i just asked. thank you so much.
  7. No probs. I've got to go offline shortly as supper time here but will get back as soon as I can.
  8. actually, I have sent things from Germany to US and they haven't arrived yet. I sent them off on 15th but what is a bit funny is that you are in NY and it hasn't reached you yet.

    btw, what I sent reached US only on the 19th, and it is still not with the ebayer. so don't worry just yet, it can take up to 2 weeks in my experience.

    oh, also, i don't know about french tracking but most methods I use to send abroad do not include tracking once it leaves the country. you could then try on USPS.
  9. The French post is horribly slow! I buy all the time and have them to to Sweden and it can take up to 2 weeks. And I'm on the same continent! I wouldn't worry....
  10. they are really slow don't worry it will arrive the package will be delivered by DHL. DHL takes care of the packages when they arrive in the US.

  11. I guessing that the seller is saying that she'd checked on her end, and it says that the package is in transit to you. Meanwhile, if you have any news (ie. receive the package or something), pls let her know so that she can stop checking with the PO?

    I always give 2 weeks for international shipping. I start worrying when I don't receive it after 3.5 weeks. Hopefully, your item reaches you soon. Maybe it's stuck at customs? How did the seller declare it?
  12. French post is SLOW!!!! A friend sent me a package and it took a month to get to Holland.
  13. hi. sorry i didn't come back here sooner. no word from the seller and no package. it will be 2 weeks on monday. i don't know what to do at this point except wait.
  14. I have a friend in France and can't believe how long posting items to her and receiving items from her takes - it is unbelievable! I wouldn't worry too much yet Heather based on my experience of how long it takes for things to make it across the Channel let alone the Atlantic!
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