Shipping from Canada to US: Customs??

  1. Hi all, I posted this in a different forum, but I got no responses, so perhaps I'll have better luck here...

    I just bought a Botkier for US $293 from a Canadian boutique. Does anyone know how much the customs fee will be? Are customs fees completely arbitrary? Can the same bag be assessed differently based on the person doing the assessing? What should I expect to pay in fees? I feel like a fool because it didn't even occur to me that there would be a customs fee until after I made the purchase! Thanks to anyone who can help! The package is going via CanadaPost from Montreal to NJ. Thanks!
  2. I highly doubt you'll be charged anything and even if you are the customs charge for the item you described would be something like 4% (~$12). No biggie.:okay:
  3. I'm eyeing a lovely bag on eBay from Canada. I live in the US and was wondering if someone can tell me how customs works! Do I get billed.. or the seller? About how much would it be? Sorry, I don't know anything!!

    Thank you!!!!
  4. I'm wondering this too....anyone?
  5. It is always the receipient who pays the duties (if any). On U.S. - Canada shipments, theoretically anything over $20.00 ($60.00 for gift) could be eligible for fees from the recipient - usually around 13% plus a handling fee. On Canada - U.S. shipments the minimum eligible for fees is much higher - over $200 I believe but I don't know the exact amount.
  6. I would like to know this too. I am sending a $400 package to NYC and don't want the recipient to pay taxes.. I'm not sure what amount to put.
  7. You can easily do a search on Google for "US customs fees". I believe Americans are allowed to receive around $200 as a gift/merchandise at a time before we have to pay customs/duties.
  8. For what it is worth, I have sold a couple of items in the $200.00 price range to U.S. buyers and marked that as the value on the form and nobody had to pay any duties.
  9. do any of you know how long a package is usually delayed if it gets stopped in customs? I sent a gift to the US that arrived in the country on the 8th, and my tracking info says that it was stopped at customs on the 11th, then nothing :confused1: I don't understand what's taking so long, it's not like I sent anything that's not allowed to be sent by mail or anything, it was just a care package with local treats and gifts. This is getting frustrated, I sent the package more than two weeks ago and it usually take around 10 days to arrive :push:
  10. there is a LOT of stuff in customs right now because the dollar is so good over here. I've had stuff coming in from the US that took about a week longer to get here because it was stuck in customs. Same with stuff going out into the US. There's nothing you can do about it but wait. I had better luck the time I used Xpresspost because it's guaranteed 3-5 days.
  11. still no update on the tracking, this is so frustrating!!!
  12. it's been stuck in customs for SIXTEEN days now, wth are they doing, lab testing my cookies to make sure they don't contain crack?? :push:
  13. Hahaha unfortunately that's how it is. did you send by Xpresspost or regular mail? Regular mail you're SOL but it's cheaper. Xpresspost is ridiculously expensive but it's guaranteed 3-5 days which is nice for rush. I wish there was a happy medium BETWEEN THE TWO just for US/Canada packages!!!
  14. Am wondering the same. I am in US l, Purchased a 1300 LV bag fromCanada and am wondering. If I will be stuck with duty charges.
  15. Should mention it was sent xpresspost