Shipping from Canada to US - customs/duty charges?

  1. I'm interested in making an order at the website, they ship from Canada, and I'm not sure if that means there will be customs charges (tax, VAT) upon delivery in the US? I don't live in the US, but I have a friend there I can ship the items to. I asked ssense's customer service, and they said 'customs and duty issues are rarely experienced by US customers'. Does anyone know? Where can I check for this type of information in the future?
  2. My friend ordered a few things from ssense to my place and I didn't have to pay extra anything upon delivery. Didn't seem like there were any customs issues either.
  3. I think when it's shipped to the USA, you probably wouldn't pay anything because the amount Americans are able to buy abroad is quite high like $500 a day I think. So you would rarely pay any duty anyway. You could call the US Customs office and see what the amounts are per day, I'm sure they could give the most up to date information.
  4. Hello ! If this helps I spent about 600 at ssense and was not charged anything. US customs are not crazy at all.
  5. I know for duty to import any original art pieces from Canada. I bought vintage Chanel once from there about $2,700. No duty.